Kate Middleton: A Princess Under Pressure!

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Rigorous private lessons on how to be royal.

Rumors about losing too much weight.

Scrutiny over when she'll have a baby.

Alleged kidnapping threats.

Kate Middleton has a lot on her plate these days, to be sure. But is Us' new cover featuring the Duchess trying to make her situation more alarming than it is?

Kate Middleton Under Pressure

Kate definitely has lost weight in the past year, but many brides do. And sure, people are probably waiting for her to get pregnant with a royal heir. But Kate is 29 and has been married less than six months. Is she really sweating it?

She's got plenty of time to raise a family and raise children. A girl's allowed to enjoy being married and getting acclimated to her new life for a bit.

Heck, if you believe Star magazine, she's already pregnant with twins. If her fake fertility is any indication, getting pregnant for real should be a breeze.


I hope she knew the job was dangerous when she took it.


That stuffy, judgemental and hypocritical Royal Family needs to leave the very lovely Kate the HELL alone!!! Kate is the BEST thing to happen to that family ever since Princess Diana back in the day. Diana would have welcomed Kate with open arms. Also, the Royal Family seems to have forgotten that they've been involved in SEVERAL scandals over the years. Especially that bald-headed, arrogant, and tempermental Prince Phillip, who's had ENDLESS affairs over the years!!! BOTH Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are no Boy Scouts themselves!!! And, furthermore, I completely agree with C.U.B....Kate will have a baby when she is good and ready. The Royal Family...you people are no saintly individuals!!! Remember that!!! Kate...Stay Classy!!!


@fe, if Catherine really cares about being in the spotlight, she would have sold her story for tens of millions of dollars to various news/magazines/networks already during her break up with William. She would probably end up being wealthier than the man marries. And by the way, Prince William is not heir apparent, his dad is. Next time before you post, use some of those brain cells, if you have any.


Well what does when know. The reason she floundered herself in-front of the heir apparent was so she could enjoy the spotlight in the nearest future. Well she got her wish, so, while the shoe still fits, let her suck it UP!!


LOVE Kate, but she has lizardy eyes and needs a different approach to eyeliner. Someone help her!


The newly minted Duchess is the hottest commodity this year. Every magazine probably has a dedicated team trying to dream up outlandish headlines about her to make sales whether true or not. Like any newlywed, the couple should be allow to enjoy themselves without all these tabloidish type of stories creeping up at every corner. I now shy away from buying any magazine with this type of stories about the Duchess.



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