Russell Armstrong: I'll Never Survive The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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More information has come out regarding the suicide of Russell Armstrong, including a chilling statement he allegedly made to his mother not long before hanging himself on Monday night.

In an interview on HLN, Russell's mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, tells host Jane Velez-Mitchell that her son confided in her just a couple weeks ago. Referring to his financial difficulties and allegations of abuse against his wife - all of which would be featured this fall on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Armstrong said:

Mom, they’re just going to crucify me this season... I don’t know what to do. I’ll never survive it.

Taylor and Russell

Elsewhere: In an interview with ABC News, Ronald Richards, Armstrong’s lawyer, said the show's focus on a lavish lifestyle plunged Armstrong into debt.

“These couples join these shows, and then they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up spending all their money trying to sustain a lifestyle that’s unrealistic and wasn’t there prior to the show. The weekly social events, the dinners and all the BS, trying to pretend you have unlimited resources in Beverly Hills is tough."

As for facts/tidbits related to the tragedy, a rundown of the latest:
  • According to the coroner, Russell was dead for at least 24 hours when his body was found.
  • There are rumors that Russell beat Taylor Armstrong as recently as a month ago. She was supposedly hospitalized as a result.
  • Taylor Armstrong could be responsible for her husband's debts.
  • Bravo will NOT air Russell's funeral.

It's a mess at the network. What do you think should be done about season two?

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I agree. She's not a bad person she just seems so lost. I feel for her. I think her cholihdod and teens was defined by her career and her mother. She then married and defined herself as a wife. Then being defined as a mom, raising children on her own. Not an easy or enviable task at all. Kim has never been just kim . I also feel for Kim's children if Kim does indeed have an addiction to alcohol or something else. Not an easy thing to live with or see everyday in someone you love.


I think it's teriable that Russ isn't here to defend himself.And I also think it's kind of strange how he died,and that his buisness partner was found dead also.doesn't that seem strange to anyone else? And did anyone catch on to what Camille said when she told Taylor that they had never seen her with any bruises.just sayen..


i love h/wives of beverley hills, when will be aired again.
my favourite is lisa.


Such a beautaful man! From the start though, you could tell that there were things he didn`t wamt people to find out about him. He was stand-offish and so uncomfortable at all the gathering. He couldn`t eat and leave quick enough. And the way he would go and get Taylor to go home, didn`t we all know there was a very big problem there? The way he would look at her, knowing what I know now it is chilling. It`s a battle between God and the Devil, good and evil. The Devil made him believe there was no hope. I wish he would have realized that all he had to do was call on the lord. I`m glad Taylor is alright, This could have been a lot worse if he had blamed her for what was happening to him. It`s so sad!


No one to blame, but themselve. They shouldn't spend money if they don't have. If you can't affort it don't buy. No need to pretend and look good infront of TV, but pile in debt. Like the rest of the country, lots of people live beyond their mean. Bravo is not to blame. They put their name on paper, no one force them. Simple rules don't borrow money, don't used credit card pay everything on cash. If you don't have the cash don't buy. My husband and I don't buy anything, unless you really needed. Even buy grocery whatever on sale that week, that what we eat. Don't buy what you want to eat, exclude special holiday. Limit eat out once a week. I always been this way no matter economy good or bad.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there an episode where Taylor found out that Russell had invested $10 Million in some young girl's singing career? Why do that if you already can't afford your debts? He wasn't blameless.


I for one don't believe any of the lies Taylor has been leaking.


What a shame Russell did this to himself. This will forever change his children. Russell's death was nobody's fault but Russell's. Bravo didn't force him to be on the show and he could have just said no to the extravagant life style/wife. If the show was so bad he didn't have to sign for the second year.....just my 2 cents.


Taylor HATED the dog that Kennedy loved because it upstaged her stupid Barbie necklace. Really?? What 4 year old prefers a diamond necklace over an adorable puppy? Just looking at the show you could tell how excited Kennedy(?!) was to get that puppy. And, really the name Kennedy? She couldn't rope anyone in with the Ford name?


RIP Russell. I for one don't believe any of the lies Taylor has been leaking. The money ran out and she wanted out. Watch her milk this one. So sorry you felt so desperate. RIP