Family of Russell Armstrong To Open Murder Investigation

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Despite a ruling by the Los Angeles County Coroner that Russell Armstrong died via suicide by hanging, the family of this late reality star reportedly believes he was murdered.

Taylor Armstrong and Family

TMZ sources report family members are convinced Armstrong's financial woes led him down a path "with the wrong people" and one of them killed him out of retaliation. They will allegedly hire a private investigator to look into the matter.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired its second season premiere last night, which featured the woman talking awkwardly about Russell's death. You can view that scene HERE.


I believed he was murdered before this information was made public. For no other reason then that Russel was reportedly stealing from a company owned by someone who once threatened me years ago over a personal issue. I wish I could talk to the family but dare not do so - my story might cast light on this whole tragedy.


Too many questions. Too complicated. Too heartbreaking...for his family..I hope the family finds answers through the Private Investigator soon.


Most people have mental issues their whole life. And knowing that puts you in the position to tell your partner or spouse that before you get married and especially if you want children.
This is going to sound harsh but it needs to be said.
How selfish are you to have made the commitment to being a parent, then things get a lil rough and you decide to kill yourself to end your pain?!!! What about the lifelong pain you've caused that child and your family?!
I hope that Taylor will be able to convey to Kennedy that her father was a failure of a human and that she is nothing like him. But in a way that won't completely taint what lil memories she will have of him.


Considering 2 business partners killed themselves within two days, I'd say that's worth looking into...

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