Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, Marriage to Marc Anthony: Tiring!

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It may not have been evident based on her energetic, steamy performance on the season 10 finale of American Idol, but Jennifer Lopez now admits:

She was exhausted, personally and professionally, this spring.

"I got a little bit tired at the end with everything going on in my life at the time," J. Lo told reporters in Savannah, Georgia yesterday.

The American Idol Crew

The singer was on hand to address season 11 of Idol and confirm that she, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler would all be returning to the judges' table.

Referring to the gig as "one of the best things I've ever been involved with" Lopez said she did need a bit of time to settle her divorce from Marc Anthony and psych herself up to return but then "I was like, 'Okay, I'm gonna do it again.'"

Millions of viewers are very happy she arrived at that decision.


Yep!!! J-lowwwwww ho. She needs to get a REAL LIFE. Very nasty what ever you want to call her. Yep!! SHE CANNOT SING WELL, CANNOT ACT WELL. Her age is showing now getting to be a old bat. Everything has gone to her HEAD and to her BIG UGLY ASS. I'm no lezbo but I've seen alot beautiful women who are out there just being great moms and doing a great job raising a family doing other things. Marc is a nice guy and down to earth guy, doesnt show off and a very MULTI-TALENT GUY J-LOWWWWWW HO doesnt have any of that, making a !!! of herself.


i love j. lo and understand her when marriage doesnt work it can't be forced. keep your head up jlo 4 yr kids:}


JLo is an overrated bitch. Her voice is crap, thanks to digitizing it makes her seem like she can sing. She is a horrible actress. And she is a whore.


Your just jealous cause she is beautiful & talented! Jennifer is amazingly talented & I can't believe you can't see or hear that. What are you, deaf! Lay off of her. I am a big J Lo fan & am defending her to the fullest. Mark didn't deserve her, she can do oh so much better than him, that's for sure. Jennifer, I got your back girlfriend, lol :)


if u can judge and u have talent to judge singers u don't need to singing talent..


She can't sing. I like Pitbull and Marc Anthony's duet Rain over Me. Marc can SING.
I predict JLo will be like Liz Taylor...many husbands. Her fame has gone to her head.


How can she judge people's signing when she can't even sing herself!? :\


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