Dr. Conrad Murray to Argue Michael Jackson Was a Lost Cause, in Failing Health

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After a rocky preliminary hearing in which his defense theory that Michael Jackson killed himself was repeatedly shot down - at least in our view - Dr. Conrad Murray is trying a new tactic in fighting involuntary manslaughter charges.

The physician will argue at his April trial that Michael was in such a weakened state before he passed away that it's unfair to blame Murray, or Propofol.

Think a jury will possibly buy into that?

MJ was clearly a shell of his former self after years of abusing meds, but whether that absolves Dr. Conrad Murray of guilt is another matter entirely.

The defense has to try something, of course, and it looks as if his lawyers will argue that at the time of his 2009 death, Jackson's body was failing him.

Because of Murray? Not so, the doctor says. MJ being "driven over the edge" by AEG to rehearse for his upcoming "This Is It" tour is a likely target.

Murray's lawyers will call witnesses to testify that Jackson was either a no-show for rehearsal or was exhibiting "clear signs" of failing health if he did.

The defense theory rides on the belief that even if jurors believe Dr. Conrad Murray administered the fatal dose of Propofol, he still may not be liable.

It's a tough sell as we see it, but we won't be in the jury box.

Lawyers are still expected to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself when he administered a fatal dose of Propofol when Dr. Murray left the room.

There are also problems with that, however, namely the testimony of Sade Anding, who cast doubt on Murray's actions and whereabouts at the time.

What do you think: Dr. Conrad Murray ...


let the media circus began.


If Conrad Murray thought MJ was on his last legs then why wasn't he admitted to the hospital? The autopsy said MJ was in good health. Bottom line. No one, not SONY or AEG or Murray cared about Jackson's health. When Kenny Ortega expressed some concern about MJ's health, he was chastised for it by them. Conrad Murray is an incompetent doctor, he neglected MJ and MJ is dead because of it.


"MJ was clearly a shell of his former self after years of abusing meds, but whether that absolves Dr. Conrad Murray of guilt is another matter entirely." Clearly? Really? Did you do any research at all or just copy and paste other media trash? The autopsy report proves that Jackson did not abuse drugs, his liver, kidney and heart were healthy and normal. His weight, again according to the autopsy report, was within the normal range for his height and build, albeit at the low end of the range. It is true, however, that he was 50 years old. Besides Kenny Ortega testified that Murray told him Jackson was healthy and not to worry about him.


Grasping for more straws, is he? I think this is the easiest lie to argue--read the autopsy report, besides some lung issues likely related to systemic lupus, Michael was a very healthy man.


No one is ever a lost cause. How dare you refer to a person likethat!!! Guilty or not only Jah knows!!!!

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