Dr. Conrad Murray Implies Michael Jackson Killed Himself, Cites Broken Syringe as Potential Proof

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In a major development in the Michael Jackson case, lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray want to see prints from broken syringe found in the late icon's bedroom.

Sources say they think this item may prove Michael Jackson killed himself, a long-held defense theory that has been floated but not aggressively pursued until now.

Dr. Murray's lawyers are looking to obtain a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it. Murray is adamant that he never touched the thing.

Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in MJ's June 25, 2009 death.

Whether he injected or even chugged Propofol, the defense believes MJ suffered a massive overdose of the anesthetic while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources insist that there were only two people in the room at the time (they likely tried to pursue the missing surveillance tape to back this up).

Since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have. Or so they claim. The defense is asking the FBI to deliver the first generation fingerprint.

You buying it? Tell us: Dr. Conrad Murray is ...

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i wish mj will rip but he cant with this case give murry death God forbid it not happen love ya MJ


Murray's the one who broke the syringe. A man who had already died can't stick a needle in himself. Then again that quack can't even do CPR properly. Lock him up already.


"no comment for this" but there are some people here thinking maybe the "anti's" killed him hmmmmmmpppfffff


Hang him


... michael killed himself??? perhaps we should examine jesus' "cross-nails" ..... probably he committed suicide..... omg.... father forgive them..... :-( :-( :-(


Good luck with that defense. The guy obviously adored his children deeply, and I believe that gave him everything to live for.


i do not believe this at all what the hell ? First of all dr. Conrad murrary was responsible for taking care of michael jackson so it is his fault not michael jackson's fault he had nothing to do with this you cannot blame him for something he did not do the man is dead and he was sick dr. Conrad murray gave him the profol drug and o he had an over dose which was not suppose to happen so dr. Conrad murray is Guilty of manslaughter ! Guilty as charged i hope he rots in jail .


Y Mj would kill himself?he is awesome.we can do just 1 thing & that is pray for mj& his kids. Let god decide about this killer. R. I. P. M J. We luv u. We r wid u.


who can speak for the dead?nobody can justify that on his behave,so why not allow God to judge.


Les just forgive and forget this case God will juged

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