Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Dealt Major Blow

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Dr. Conrad Murray took a walloping in court Monday after the judge threw out potentially key components of the embattled physician's case that he is not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

First, Judge Michael Pastor ruled that Jackson's personal history, including all references to child molestation, will not be permitted during Murray's trial.

Then, he determined that Jackson's dermatologist and longtime friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, won't be allowed to testify when Murray is tried next month.

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Pastor stated that Dr. Klein's role in MJ's care isn't relevant, and that it could confuse the jury, as could unrelated testimony about MJ's personal life.

It's the ruling on Klein that dealt the most serious blow to Murray's defense, since the physician hoped to deflect blame onto others who treated the star.

Murray's lawyers were planning on asking Dr. Arnold Klein about the Demerol that he allegedly prescribed to Michael Jackson in the days before he died.

The defense was going to contend that Dr. Conrad Murray didn't know Klein gave Jackson Demerol at the same time he was giving him Propofol.

The two doctors that gave Michael Jackson Propofol (a hospital grade anesthetic) in medical settings will be allowed to testify at the trial, however.

The singer’s former nurse Cherylin Lee will also testify and in documents filed by Dr. Murray’s high powered defense attorney Nareg Gourjian.

They claim she will discuss Michael asking her for Propofol on April 19, 2009, just two months before the legendary singer died at the age of 50.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on September 8, with opening arguments most likely to take place around the last week in September.

Your take at this point: Dr. Murray is ...

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Propofol is an IV medication to be used by an Anesthesiologist to render a patient unconscious for surgery. It is intended for use in a controlled setting with the patient carefully monitored and attended to the entire time. Oxygen is used to support the patient's breathing, and not just thru a nasal cannula strapped to their face. Patients are usually intubated because their airways can collapse when they become unconscious. Other narcotics in the patients system would increase the effect of Propofol. Certainly Dr Conrad knew MJ used Narcotic medications! As I understand it, Dr Conrad is not an Anesthesiologist...and while MJ was under the effect of this anesthetic agent he was not even in the room with him the whole time!!! Without constant attention a patient could stop breathing, the resulting lack of oxygen causing brain damage and DEATH!! The man is an idiot and certainly caused MJ's death. I've worked in the Operating Room for 30 years..I know what I'm talking about.


Dr Murray is guilty as sin plain and simple the drug is what caused Michaels death and dr Murray gave it to him no ifs ands or buts its cut and dry! JUSTICE4MJ


I would like to see what Michael Jackson ate two days befor his death? Nanny , Psychiatrist, Laywer, Doctor and all data and if he had receipts for things he purchased months befor his death? Someone is lying!


All I have to say is the botched dr is guilty as sin and the courts are just wasting their time and tax payers money on this fucking clown


If Murray would have done what that Nurse did, MJ would still be alive. Remember, these were medical people who have an obligation not crack heads on the street who have no obligation. MJ had a problem sleeping and this doctor took advantage of it. And if MJ was that bad with the drug, why did Murray give it to him and he is a doctor who is suppose to know the laws of medicine and it use? It make sense.


Oh please. This man was the DOCTOR. I do not care what Jackson ask for, it is up to the doctor to make the call; and if MJ did not like, remove yourself as his doctor; but NO, Murray did the injection and he ordered the drug which means HE DID IT. All of that other stuff they want to bring in in is useless.

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