Brennin Hunt: An X Factor Original

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Brennin Hunt is a 26-year old model who said on The X Factor last night that he's "the total package." Not exactly the best way to endear oneself to an audience.

But then Hunt stopped talking and starting singing, delivering a strong performance on an original track, always a bold step for any contestant to take. Simon Cowell was certainly impressed, saying he could turn Brennin into a major star.

Do you see the same potential?

Among other performers we adored last night: Jazzlyn Little and Tora Woloshin.

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Brennin was out because Rihanna found him corny. I guess she just couldn't accept that he is just soooo good-looking to the point that he is more "beautiful" than she is.


Wow !! Can't believe he is out !! Amazing performance , amazing voice .. I will
No longer b turning into watch x factor .. They lost some great talent there ...


Can't believe Brennin is out. I just ereased the future shows from my PVR. Done watching this show now. It is okay to be cocky as long as you can back it up with talent. That boy is the whole package. LA blew it.


Maybe a certain someone would start thinkin' he was less "corny" and more "low-down cool" if he started roughin' women up.


What a shame. Tonight was so wrong.
Bren in you have real talent and it was so wrong.
Rihana should be at your house begging you to come back.
Right from the get go, you were the x factor. Shame on the judge!!!
I don t even want to watch this any more.
And I am quite a fan of this show. :(
I can't help but hope this will be corrected! If NOT. Shame on SIMON


brennan hunt is the whole package, great looking, sings great and writes. nashville, your loss, when you keep promoting reba, martina, sugarland and most of all taylor you are making a big mistake. yes i know they make you money but it is the younger generation especially taylor. you need to stop concentrating on these i think has beens you should give these guys more of a chance. be surprised how the older generation will make you money.


I swear this is Jared Followill from Kings of Leon!


Sure he is good looking. But when he sang, I suddenly realised he was the so hot. A bit like Adam Levine, didn't get it until he sang. He quickly became my favorite. Sure he came off as cocky. But I was so endeared by his singing and stage presence that I overlooked it. Now I am elated to find out just how humble and down to earth he really is. (After watching some videos of him on youtube). If he doesn't make it I don't know if I can watch any more. Not for a protest, but because I will just be so dissapointed that I won't be able to enjoy any other singers. Losing a star like this would just make the show feel empty. Besides that, look at him, women will swoon. Just imagine if he were portrayed as he really is - humble, funny, sweet guy - and with his voice, he would be a real ratings winner IMO. Let's just hope LA is as smart as they say he is. Counting on you LA.


On Brennin's twitter he said he isn't cocky that XFactor is making it look like that with edits and last night when he didn't finish his song he was able to go back on at the end sing the whole thing to a standing ovation...they just managed to cut that part out! ugh


He is my pick for the final two and the other one is Tora Woloshin. He looks nice but he seems to be overconfident verging on being arrogant. However, I think Simon likes him a lot and am sure he will help him make it real big. Just hope he reads comments about him so he can change the not so good comments.