Jazzlyn Little: Great Name, Better Voice

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Jazzlyn Little. You gotta admit: that really is a superstar's name.

Such was the reaction of L.A. Reid after this X Factor contestant belted out Mary J. Blige's "I'm Going Down" on last night's audition show, the final one before boot camp kicks off next Wednesday.

But Little has a voice that matches her moniker, as Simon Cowell didn't hide his feelings about the 16-year old. You're the one to watch, he told Jazzlyn. Do you agree? Watch this aspiring crooner's audition now and decide:


Yes I don't know why they didn't pick her as opposed to those girls that were just awful singing off key. I think the judges are not doing such a good job in judging. 2squared was much better than that Dakota group and Elaine Gibbs was better than that Frances(?) girl. Maybe they are going with the people with stronger personalities or favorites than real talent. Go figure?


Agree with the other posts, Jazzlyn was my favorite and still is. She probably would have made it into the top five. She has the soul factor like Josh. Really poor decision to let her slip by. Still a superstar waiting to happen though.


cant believe Simon messed up like that. She should of been in the live show


I don't understand why she didn't make it either, she should have. I think some of the supposed experts working with the people while they are preparing give them bad advise trying to change them. She probably would have been better off if they would have just helped her get over her nerves and left her alone to work on her style by herself. She did fine without out them before. She was my favorite and I don't know if I want to keep watching. Maybe they should have let the public vote sooner.


I am upset that this girl did not make it, if made thru would have the most downloads as she is thee bomb!!! Somebody contract this girl pronto! I resonate and love her style.

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