Movie Reviews: 50/50, What's Your Number?

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A pair of much-anticipated films hit theaters today. What did we think of 50/50 and What's Your Number? Both comedies succeed, albeit in different ways.

Actor Seth Rogen and writer Will Reiser lived the experience portrayed in 50/50, at once a comedy about cancer (that actually works) and a poignant story.

With Joseph Gordon-Levitt portraying Resier's cancer patient and Rogen as his BFF, the pair combine to bring audiences an astounding character study.

Knowing that much of this took place in real life only enhances a movie of surprising depth. Follow the link to read Movie Fanatic's official 50/50 movie review.

Far less original but still entertaining is What's Your Number?

That's not a question we're asking, the punctuation mark is part of the title of this film starring Anna Faris and based on the book 20 Times a Lady.

What’s Your Number? follows a Bostonian named Ally in her quest to reexamine her exes based on the belief - thanks to a magazine article - that women who have slept with 20+ men have trouble finding a husband. Ally’s number is 19.

The plot is predictable but enjoyable thanks to Faris, who insights a laugh with merely a look, and co-star Chris Evans, with whom she enjoys fun chemistry.

Check out Movie Fanatic's What's Your Number review for more!

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