Paris Jackson Reaction to Death of Michael Jackson Recalled in Court

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Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael, screamed out for her father as he died, according to chilling testimony in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial.

"Paris screamed out, 'Daddy!'" Alberto Alvarez said. "She was crying."

Alvarez, a bodyguard/security guard for the King of Pop, was the voice on the Michael Jackson 911 call played yesterday, the third day of the trial.

Paris and Prince Michael Jackson

Paris Jackson and brother Prince Michael earlier this summer.

Paris, now 13, endeared herself to millions with her touching tribute to Michael at his memorial service. Having seen what she did, it's all the more moving.

While Dr. Conrad Murray was giving chest compressions on an unresponsive Jackson, he shouted to Alvarez, "Don't let them see their dad like this."

Alvarez says he turned to Prince and Paris, who were crying, and said, "'Kids, don't worry, we'll take care of it. Everything's going to be okay.'"

"Then I asked Dr. Murray what happened. He said, 'He had a bad reaction.'"

Alvarez, whose job it was to go places before Jackson and make sure everything was safe and to the singer's liking, said in court that he noticed that his boss was lying with his palms up, eyes slightly open and mouth agape.

There was medical equipment everywhere, including a condom catheter that had drained urine. Alvarez says Murray then shifted his focus from giving CPR and asked Alvarez to assist him in packing up medical bottles and equipment.

Alvarez's testimony may cast new doubts on Murray's defense theory - that the star killed himself accidentally with a Propofol injection when the physician left the room - due to recollections of Murray's behavior and the timeline of events.

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