Alex McCord: Still Off The Real Housewives of New York City!

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She begged. She pleaded. She was rejected.

Despite issuing a statement last week that made it appear as if she were totally cool with being let go from The Real Housewives of New York City, sources confirm that Alex McCord went to producers over the weekend and asked for her job back.

They said no.

Simon and Alex

"Bravo doesn't want to cut the relationship, Alex and [husband Simon van Kempen] are nice people, but as for the show and them they are done," an insider tells E! News. "They will be asked to make guest appearances on other Bravo shows, perhaps as judges, or in guest spots - expect to see them in one form or another. They don't want to burn a bridge."

The McCords were making $275,000 per season and will now need to find a new platform on which to plug their new line of Egyptian cotton sheets and towels, Aluxe Home. Our heart goes out to them.

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Alex is a really nasty & ugly inside out. She said she likes what she sees when she looks in the mirror, I guess she has to say so because even she knows that she looks like a ghoul, an anorexic one. And those teeth & skin, yuck,believe she is really ugly. She thrives on interfering in other people business/quarrels desperately trying to make herself relevant and attaching herself to the coatails of Sonja & Ramona. All the ladies had their faults, but Alex was the dog amongst them, totally iinsincere, pretending to be sensitive with her breaking out in hives bullshit when in fact she is a very cold, calculating lying, bullying, vindictive, bitch as is that foul exceedigly ugly husband of hers. They sit up all night practicing how to make tbemselves relevant by putting others down.They are social climbers & just too degoulasse, disgusting. Her husband is s thug who would sell his soul the devil, just toThe other ladies should have just not engaged or associated with them on any level. They really are lowlife


i liked alex mcCord she had a heart


Two words for Alex & Simon .... SEE YA!!! When the show first began and I'd invisioned the so-called "in-crowd" of NYC, at no point did I ever invision those two as part of that crowd. Neither seemed polished, refined or stylish. How they every got on the show in the first place I will never know??? One more word for Alex and Simon ..... GOODBYE!


Alex let me be the one to tell are ugly and so is your husband. Glad you are gone !!!!


Why not do away with all the NYC housewives? Oh yes u sort of did but not enough. How about a new format now that u still have too many housewives. Please tell us Bethany is not returning in her own show either. Boring now she doesn't interact with the other housewives especially since now she is a real housewife. I actually liked the show the first 2 years. I thought it was amazingly bad acting in a funny cringing way as the others are


I didn't mind Alex at all. She did become a bit confrontational but was a war toward the end and REALLY became unpleasant to watch! Simon made some poor choices in picking his every battle. But, I don't think he's a bad guy at all.
THANK GOD there is NO more ZARIN!!!!!
Bravo did sit up & listen to their viewers on that one!
Am glad Kelly is gone as well. They both were absolutely toxic to the show. Hopefully Bravo cleans up BH and gets rid of Taylor Armstrong too!!!! Would be great with her off!!


SO VERY GLAD Alex and her husband Simon (Drama King) are off the show. It was very evident that they were greedy for fame, especially her simple husband. They should take this time off to spend it with their children and teach them proper manners. Jill Zarin - what can I say. I was a HUGE fan, but what you wish for others may come true to you. You did Bethany wrong - so you reap what you sow.


i actually liked them both they were totally in love but nobody listned to alex she didnt have a strong enough persona ,i didnt like the way they all ganged up on her it was horrible to watch


So glad iv just red that Alex and Simon are gone for good simon is such a Dick for doing mean tweeting to Jill and treating them 275000 there not getting wicked


Good riddance, what a talentless hack. And Simon, well, what a knob!

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