Real Housewives of New York City Speak on Ousting

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Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop have all been sacked. Bravo cut these four women loose from The Real Housewives of New York City late last week.

While readers try to control their tears as a result of this development, a couple of the show's now-former stars have spoken out about the firing.

Cindy Barshop Photograph
Alex McCord & Simon Van Kempen

“I view any change as an opportunity to learn and grow," said Barshop profoundly. "RHONY was great marketing platform for my national spa Completely Bare, and as an ambassador for children’s charities I was able to create more awareness. There are additional projects that I am considering. Stay tuned.”

Oh, we will... NOT!

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen also took the opportunity to plug a product, telling Us Weekly:

"After four seasons on Real Housewives of New York City, Simon and I are moving on. It's a completely friendly departure and while it was their decision and not ours, we are in close communication with both Bravo and the production company about our next move, in addition to fielding outside offers.

"Simon and I recently launched a home goods company, Aluxe Home, and we've been so involved in the textile market week that began today that it feels a bit like being shot out of a cannon!"

Too bad they actually weren't.


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this season is dissapointent cept for alex and cindy who both have a semblence of reality, ..wish them luck,esp if Alex has the intelgce to ditch simon




This Real Housewife show has the most boring and uninteresting women! I don't see this making one more season!


I loved the show and as someone mentioned previously, I don't know why. It's hilarious to see how these women perceive themselves...if they could only realize how others see them! It's like watching episodes of Jerry Springer...wondering how people can actually flaunt their so-called 'classiness' when it's like watching a train wreck. To answer someone earlier...YES...I think Sonja and Ramona's husband were a little too friendly. Perhaps the fortune teller was right! Anyways, can't wait for the new season and hope they have some 'social fakes' as good as the last ones.


LuAnne would benefit from a course of finishing school etiquette, as no lady with a title in Europe would never act in such a manner of self importance, flamboyance or ignorance. (For example: She was shocked that she was introduced to a driver of a limo & as for teaching her daughters' friends how to eat at a diner table, perhaps she should try to use her cutlery correctly herself.)


I am sooo glad Jill got the boot. What is her problem? She is the Ramona police. Jill get a life and stop with the negativity, so happy you're gone. Glad Kelly is gone too, such a dummy. Sorry to see Alex go, she has a brain.


wish they had got rid of the so-called countess and made it a clean sweep of the brunettes. Sorry to see Alex go. I really liked her.


Good riddence to JILL! - what a conniving, manipulative bully! She's such a liar!! Sorry to see Jill go, as she was good for laughs, bringing in the "kookoo crazy" Hope the new ladies bring some "real class" to the show.


I used to like Jill now I can't stand her she got too big for her boots, and she was a cow to Bethany. Luanne kept those to apart on purpose, she can't sing and she looks like a man....Kelly is beyond weird, Sonja is a 50 year old woman who thinks she's 21 so sad..... Alex is fake, Simon is a creepy perv! does anyone think Sonja and Mario are just a bit too friendly????


Loved all episodes . Can anyone tell me when is the next new season starts? I cant wait to c the new house wife !