Kathy Griffin to Justin Bieber: You Are Special

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Well played, Kathy Griffin. Very well played.

Inspired by Jim Carrey's love profession for Emma Stone this week, the comedian has released her own video, this one in honor of Justin Bieber.

In it, Griffin says Bieber is "all around sexy;" asks the artist to go steady; suggests a camping trip, but then expresses fear over what might happen to her "naughty parts;" and, in the end, simply concludes: Justin, you are special. Anyone care to disagree with that assessment?


I remember the good ol days when Kathy was funny.


that rong on many level i ag it would be ofensive if a mandid that to a girl cmon peeps


Would this be considered funny if it were a 50ish year old man flirting with a 17 year old girl? Tasteless and disgusting.


haha shes so great


They really need to bring Hollywood Squares back so that these old has-beens have something other to do instead of making non funny videos on their computers.

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