Jim Carrey to Emma Stone: I Love You!

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Jim Carrey wishes he were a much younger man. That way, he could have passionate sex with Emma Stone and produce "chubby little freckle-faced kids."

So the actor himself says in a new video, which is making its way around the Internet and creating a bit of a controversy. Not because Carrey is misguided in his affection for Stone - seriously, have you seen Crazy, Stupid Love or The Help?!? - but because Carrey is 49 and the object of his desire is 22.

A rep for the star says the video is "intended to be comical," and we certainly laughed. But watch for yourself and then vote below.

This heartfelt admission from Carrey is...


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Its Jim Carrey! Go back and watch a few Living color shows and the re watch this .Jim your delivery doesn't translate the same and you either need to get some work done or move toward serious demented parts. Im going through the same crap, age sux when your not ever going to grow up. Jim Carrey is great! JC she is hot but as u stated u weird oh,,,shes a PUPPY! I love U Emma call me 239 867 5309 Im a lot younger Than petafile Detective, Im only 44 @(0_0)@


I Love Jim Carrey And That Right There Was Effin' Hilarious... Well To Me At Least, Some People Just Have Differences In Humor.


Please!! This is classic Jim Carrey style. Nothing creepy, just plain funny! Besides who gives a shit who he dates or likes for that matter!?? Both are very much adults. I've always loved Jim Carrey in his movies and he is still riotously funny!


She is very sexy give jim a break


He needs immediate help. Sex?....What happened with the bombshell just left him?


Creepy! Another career down the crapper! Go back on your meds Carrey!


Ugh! WTF was he thinking? That video is UNfunny and just plain creepy. He makes my skin crawl.


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Why do all successful aging white actors go off the deep end? Nick Cage, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise the list goes on. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all delusional and all of them date or are married to women half their age.
Jim Carrey was funny ten years ago and now he is basically in mid-life crisis mode. Maybe he needs to find a woman his own age to give him a reality check.


I love Jim Carrey but that was weird.