Joy Behar and Steve Janowitz: Married!

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The View co-host Joy Behar will have even more to talk about than usual - she and her longtime boyfriend, Steve Janowitz, have tied the knot.

Calling Steve her "longtime boyfriend" is actually an understatement. They have been dating for 29 YEARS. Hey, why rush a good thing, right?

"She was married in New York City last night in a private ceremony," a rep for the show said.. "She will discuss it September 6 on The View."

Joy Behar and Steve Janowitz

The talk show returns for its 15th season then. Behar's wedding date, August 11, coincidentally marks the anniversary of its 1997 debut.

Back in 2009, Behar said she and Janowitz, whom she referred to as her "spousal equivalent," would wed, only to break off the engagement later.

They never parted ways, though, and finally made it official this week. We offer our congratulations to the couple and wish them the best.


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they make a nice couple and meant for each other--it's about time-congratulations


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I can't even look at the "View" because of you! To want someone's house to burn down because they share a different view from your radical a--, you will be punished by a higher power, can't wait!
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Joy is just a comedienne, you can't trust anything she
say's, she is always playing to the audience for effect. (She is fabulous for 68 though.) Good luck in your marriage Joy and Steve, are you going to
live together now, or is it just a marriage of convenience?