Brooke Hogan on Relationship with Father: Not Perverted!

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Brooke Hogan recently posed naked on behalf of PETA, drawing attention to the portrait of her birthday-suited self inside a cage by showing it off to her father.

And she doesn't get why people are making it such a big, sick deal!

"Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship," Brooke Tweeted yesterday. "Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me!"

Hulk and Brooke

Two notes, Brooke:

  1. I am home, thanks. I'm not even wearing sleeves right now.
  2. How do you think we found out about this picture? Multiple paparazzi were called to the event and snapped photos. We wonder who alerted those photographers to this unusual happening...

In related news, Hulk Hogan's wife looks EXACTLY like his daughter.

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haywood u fuctard hahahahaha


brooke horgan and rapper dorrough


Hayward if you can't make sense then don't bother posting because you are making an ass out of yourself




hey brooke you do realize all that make up you wear was tested on cute little bunnies and oh yeah THATS A NICE LEATHER PURSE YOU GOT THERE.....MORON


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I'm not saying that I would want to see nude pictures of my dayghter. But these appear to be done in a tastefull manner and are defently not in the "Playboy" or "Hustler" catagory of nudes.


Brooke has done a few things, such as stripper-like dance routines, in front of Hulk that I wouldn't be comfortable doing under my dad's watchful eyes, but I don't think they have a perverted relationship at all. I think she is a daddy's girl, and just wanted to remain close to him after the divorce. It seems like Linda had a mid-life crisis and really hurt Hulk. I'm glad he remarried. I think Linda, Brooke, and the stepmom all have a similar look.


i do not think they act perverted w/ each other, i dnt thnk i do. The whole world is gonna c that photo,so y not dad?!? My dad wud never look@mine, professional or not. Nor wud he rub sunscreen on my upper thigh,but sum ppl's relationships r like that...i guess...right???