Brooke Hogan to Father: Look at Me Naked!

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Have you been wondering what Brooke Hogan has been up to? No? We're gonna tell you anyway.

The former reality star has posed naked for PETA as part of that lame organization's "Women in Cages" campaign. It held an event in Miami last night where numerous portraits of residents baring it all were sold, and Brooke took her dad their in honor of his 58th birthday.

Just when you thought it couldn't get creepier than Hulk marrying someone who looks like just like his daughter...

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This is

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I would like to take time out my life to just eat your pussy that's all !


I agree with brooke on this one, people need to shut the hell up!
there is nothing wrong with being supported by your dad, although I do have to admit he looks as though he's a little weirded out by it.
he's got his arms thrown up, and an expression that seems to say, hey this was'nt my idea, im just along for the ride!


As a mother of a little girl, I think its great that Hulk supports his daughter.. there is NOTHING wrong with this! When my daughter matures to a beautiful young women, my husband better be there to support her w.everything.. which is all Brookes father is doing - supporting his successful daughter. Thats a parents job! Yes her mom is a bit of a freak show but her dad is a wonderful man/daddy!


Brooke is not brain damaged but some people who post on here might be :)


Hater, PETA is not 'lame'!


she's more beautiful when in the photo


what a freaky famiy!


This is just proof that heavy steroid usage leads to your children being brain damaged.

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