Big Brother Recap: A Bitter Concoction to Chug

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Following Thursday's elimination of Brendon and Kalia's surprising Head of Household triumph, the remaining veterans found themselves in the crosshairs.

How would Jeff, Rachel and Jordan react to being completely out of power for the first time? Would Kalia stick to her guns or cave under pressure?

We reveal the answer to these questions, as well as the identity of the nominees, in our +/- recap of last night's Big Brother installment below ...

Kalia Booker Picture

Jordan and Porsche do their best to comfort a DEVASTATED Rachel. Plus 4 for the obligatory, hilarious pity party, but Minus 3 for calling Daniele "mean."

Jeff is livid that Porsche picked him and Shelly in the HoH challenge, which would eliminate one of them. Porsche claims she just chose two names and didn't even consider the consequences. Plus 7, because we actually believe the dim bulb.

Rachel actually does a respectable kiss-up job in offering the standard BB deal to Kalia. Minus 6, though, because her word is absolutely no good.

Daniele is now Official Adviser to the HoH. Dick would be proud. Plus 5.

Kalia becomes HYSTERICAL at the sight of her HoH room. Minus 10, because while missing one's family is obviously understandable, we're talking about her mom and sister here, not a young daughter like Shelly has.

Minus 2 more because they both went on Big Brother voluntarily. Deal.

Shelly is playing all sides, and making whomever is HoH her best friend. Pretty underhanded and transparent, but she's particularly adept at this. Plus 8.

Plus 4 for Adam's ceremonious removal of the suit, and Plus 1 more for getting to relive the highlight of that chain-smoking elf before the opening theme.

Hugs From Shelley

Minus 14 for the disgusting concoctions crafted in the Have/Have Not battle.

A tie resulted in a chug-off between Daniele and Jordan for all the marbles. Daniele won. Jordan threw up in the trash. Symbolic of the week overall. Plus 11.

For Jordan, this marked a turning point for more than her stomach. The pressure of being in the house (and being a target) are finally getting to her. Plus 5, as her tears - and Jeff's response - only made the dynamic duo more likable.

Plus 2 more, since Catfish and coconuts aren't too bad for Have Not fare.

In the HoH room, things go south REAL FAST when Kalia tells Jeff she's going to put him on the block against Rachel. Jordan is particularly distraught, while Jeff is focused more on Kalia's reasoning, which is BS. Minus 14.

Laying the martyrdom on thick, Jeff lays out all the scenarios and all the ways in which he'll be coming for Kalia. Guy's got a lot of confidence! Plus 3.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Jordan interjects when taking her key, saying she'll probably end up on the block anyway. Man, she is fired up! Plus 5.

Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel as planned, adding that it's her own decision dammit. Plus 6, because despite the looming twist, those two would be gunning for her regardless. What's she gonna do, put up Lawon and Adam?


Did Kalia make the right call with her nominees?


Can someone from the show if you follow this listing please TELL


Please America Bring BRANDON back and it will be a contastrophy watch out Danny the turncoat Mom always said "what goes around comes around" and this will backfire on you don't let the front door hit you in the AS- when leaving NO REGRETS NO HARD FEELING get a LIFE you Jealous "Hussy of RAXHEL % BRANDON" take that it on the house (CHEERS). Excuse my kangyage America I know it is just a GAME.


While it is fun, does anyone not believe the outcome is not pre-determined? Danielle is friends with the BB staff. Why do you think Evil Dick and Danielle finished at the top of their prior season? Evil Dick only came on the show briefly so Danielle could get the golden key. Kalia kept pushing the button before the question was completed to win her HOH. It is fun but do NOT take it seriously.


Layda-good for you- someone finally said that Shelly is a man. I've been thinking this for weeks. Look at how big her hands are and how she walks and that voice. I love Brendan and rachel-they make the show and I hope brendon comes back.


What's hilarious is that Lawon is going to be voted out and then Brendan will be back in the house and the veterans will have the same # as two weeks ago! LMFAO!


jeff talks about all the floaters in the house,what has he done.he's one of the biggest floaters in the house.


BP, you are correct, have been reading Jackie S's blog for years, this one sucks. Can't take a little contructive conversation, don't have a blog...


Disagree with Evil Dick saying that Danielle went after Jeff too soon in the game. I think this is perfect because now Jeff is running scared. You go, girl!!!


I'm glad Kalia stuck to her decision! She didnt let Jeff bully her into changing her nominations! I so hope its Dominic who gets the most votes :D And I love Jordan but I cant stand Jeff... every like 3rd word out of his mouth is "I" "my" or "me".. I'm gunning for Dani and Kalia. I hope that Dom comes back so they have more of a shot!


Ladya and Lolo. If you don't understand and don't like the plus minus commentary, fin another blog to read.

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