Bert and Ernie: Just Friends!

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Is Big Bird a male or a female? That issue is still unresolved.


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    Aww, Mechelle, that is so sweet! I like thebrothers theory. Maybe they really are brothers. Brothers who really get along well.


    This is sickening! Why does tv have to exploit good decent PRESCHOOL shows meant for children! My child is a huge fan of Sesame Street and if they did marry I would not allow my child to watch it!Let children be innocent while they still can! I don't want my child to learn about sex or homosexuality until I see that he is at the right age to understand,not when he's 2!!!!


    This is just so ridiculous! They are puppets! I never thought of them as anything other than good friends! let kids be kids, and just let them enjoy sesame street! stop trying to read into everything!


    I thought they were brothers...


    Ok what is wrong with people? sesame street doesnt have to make a politically correct statement. they are puppets. i am sick of all the homosexuality on tv. it doesn't belong on childrens television. children should not be subjected to sexual content. as a parent i will decide when to teach my children about sex and i will teach them how i see fit. that is why my kids watch their cartoons on netflix so i dont have to worry about the content on the comercials or the adult content on cartoons because i choose which ones they can watch.


    This is a kids show! Kids grow up so fast, why can't we just relax! My 8 month old watches this show and can't we just leave it as a kids show without complicating it! I know I don't want my 8 month old being subjected to ANY kind of sexual nature, being heterosexual , homosexual, muppets whatever!! These kids are TOO young! Wake the HELL up people!


    Shit like this pisses me off. How dumb can people be? I mean honestly, its a children's show! Kids don't think like that. Are people that fuckin stupid that their questioning a puppet's sexual orientation?! Seriously? Dumb asses! You shouldn't be watching Seasame Street if all you can think of is whether or not the goddamn puppets are gay. You should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to ruin children's favorite shows and trying to kill their innocent minds.


    'They remain puppets'... Nuff said right thur. It IS creepy that 1's mind would teeter toward anything near sexuality whilst watching childrens puppets... What train of thought is that???... And what's with the extra sensitivity towards gays? Homophobia BS..


    Amen to @bigot crystal


    "Gay people are trying to contaminate everything pure and innocent?" Shove your homophobia up your ass bitch.

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