Lindsay Lohan: Partying Like a Madman!

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Lindsay Lohan hit the town in Hollywood Saturday night, and reports say it was not necessarily a sober evening for the much-maligned actress.

It's worth noting that LiLo is allowed to drink - random alcohol and drug tests are no longer part of her probation - but still, you gotta wonder.

What will Judge Stephanie Sautner, who just reamed out Lohan last Thursday for not taking probation seriously enough, think of this behavior?

Shapely Convict

Lindsay might be hearing about this at her next court date.

Ending the night crying, screaming and "barely able to walk," as one witness says, is not likely to improve Lohan's standing with the judge.

Lindsay has also said, hilariously, that she's clean for life. If nothing else, this story is noteworthy for how delusional and/or dishonest she is.

She began her night at Chateau Marmont, and then headed over to Palihouse where her friend Michael Donegar celebrated his 25th birthday ...

"Lindsay looked great when she showed up at Palihouse, and ordered cranberry juice from the waitress," the source tells Radar. "I was like 'Who's that gorgeous girl.'"

"Then I realized it was Lindsay Lohan."

The fellow reveler then adds that, "she was definitely sober when she showed up but as the night went on she got sloppier and sloppier."

"Everyone at the table was drinking lemon drop shots and there were two bottle of Kettle One vodka on the table. She ordered two martinis from the waitress, but she said they were for a friend."

"So the waitress brought them out and handed them to her. One of the other girls shot the waitress a look as if to say 'Don't give that to her.'

"But Lindsay took them anyway and took a big gulp out of one of them. Then, about 10 minutes later she did a shot of vodka."

Lohan was with two-time Survivor contestant Oscar Lusth, and got PISSED when she thought he was flirting with another woman.

"She yelled at him to 'Stop flirting with everyone'!" the source says.

"A guy sitting on the other side of Lindsay Lohan poured himself a vodka on the rocks and I saw her take two sips out of it. But she was really careful to only order juice from the staff," the source observed.

"By 2 am, she could barely stand. She was trying to stabilize herself on the chairs. Then she made it over to the curtains and hung on them. The manager saw this and went over and helped her stand up," the eyewitness says.

"She was really nice to the manager. She kept saying, 'Thank you. All my friend left me.' Then she picked up her phone and started screaming 'Everybody left me! Why did everyone leave me? Where are you?'

"The manager went back over to her and told her not to worry. 'I'll help you. Don't worry'," I heard the manager say. She eventually got outside, and when she got to her Escalade she just collapsed into it."

Just another night out with the Lohan.


I thought linzy was I jail I really did!!!


It's not her friends fault she chose to drink, and they don't need to avoid drinking just because Lindsay chose to go out with them. IF she was drinking, her sobriety Is all about her being willing to do the work, getting honest, and taking the next indicated step to stay sober. She has a spiritual malady and those with alcohol addiction choose to use alcohol rather than the many tools available. Those tools include calling a friend from a 12 step program, calling a sponsor, reading the Big Book, relying on prayer and meditation rather than self-will run riot. If she's choosing to go down this path again, it's up to her to be willing to seek help.


Great friends. They know she is trying to get sober. Why couldn't they just lay off the booze for one stinking night? And then they leave her there alone? Anything could have happened to her. It would be great if she totally devoted herself to AA and hung around people from there. I don't see that happening. She really needs a controlled enviprment. What a shame. It sounds like she was doing fine until everyone else started boozing it up in front of her. What jerks.


She doesn't give a sh*t about her fans we kinda want her back we're just waiting she was awesome hope she gets back even if it's a one chance in a million we are praying an hoping what's sad about it is that i actually believed her and thought she finally grew up and she now knows the good from the bad and that it's all affecting her not anyone else LET'S HOPE.


All I can say is "Grow the hell up " One day we'll be reading about your death!


Just wait---in two years---she will be part of the "27" club. She will be hanging with Amy


Who was driving the Escalade? This girl has not learned a thing. She says what is politically correct. She is a liar and always has been. She should take notes before she joins the "27" Club. She only has 2 years to go.


"LiLo is allowed to drink - random alcohol and drug tests are no longer part of her probation"
THIS was the dumbest idea ever! Is the JUDGE on drugs? With her history, how on EARTH could the judge order no alc or drug testing?
She'll be under arrest again or dead in the gutter within 2 months.


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