Lindsay Lohan: I'm Clean ... For Life!

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No booze, no drugs, no shoplifting, no court dates. Never, ever again.

That's what Lindsay Lohan claims is her plan for life, telling friends she's not just serious about cleaning up her act short-term, but for good. No exceptions.

Please, try to stifle your laughter at least a little bit ...

Cold Out Here

Sources close to Lindsay hilariously say the actress had an epiphany after her recent sentencing and is completely at peace with the judge's decision.

Lindsay is staying positive about community service, fines, counseling, shoplifters alternative class and serving jail time under house arrest - the works.

Lohan's required to stay sober during her probation - which ends after she completes 480 hours of community service - or she faces consequences.

However, people close to Lindsay say she's committed to sobriety for the long haul and that the train wreck has learned her lesson once and for all.

Anyone buying it? Tell us: Can Lindsay Lohan stay clean?



That's why all the hurt Lindsay criticize her, she is not guilty. mine's Email:


Hey Lindsay....i don't believe you.
Please wear a brassiere....for once dress decent.
Go back to school...stay away from Hollywood...that town will destroy you.
Go to Confession....go to church.


Well i think its time for her to clean up her act and get her life back on track.


If ,she has finally realized why she has been doing the things she has and wants to put a end to the cause of her problems then I do , but it means making more movies like the parent Trap and no more movies like mean girls that's if she stays in hollywood
and a future steadfast attachment to God for where there is God's mantle of protection there are no demons


I'll believe it when I see it. It's time to clean up and stay out of trouble. I'm behind Lindsay Lohan all the way.


yes!!!!!!!!! who ho good im so happy for lindsey i want her back clean and also on tv i misss u welcome back and goodluck hahaha lol


she should learn her lesson by now. she used to be my role model. but she stopped being my idol cos of the shop lifting and doing of drugs. she should know that going to jail is just gonna mess up the rest of her life that's just waiting. GOSH! lindsay, pls as your biggest fan since "confessions of a teenage drama queen" dont do anything that will wreck your rep. i support her!


I wish her luck, but I don't believe she gets it. Sitting at bars and tweeting about her "illness" is just sad. She is getting older and unfortantley not wiser...


Truthfully, I'm not quite convinced she's really learned her lesson. Yes, you'd think by now she'd learn her lesson, but you never know about these hollywood schemes; one day the hollywood star is saying she's sober, next it's "OMG, CAT FIGHT OVER A GLASS A WINE!!" HAHAHA


Her environment is her problem. It enables her to continue the same lifestyle which she has had. In order to get over her addiction, she has to completely get away from it and can she do this?


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