Judge to Lindsay Lohan: Get Your $h!t Together!!

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Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear today that she is unimpressed with Lindsay Lohan and her progress, or lack thereof, in completing her probation.

The actress was reamed out at a progress hearing and told that she had better complete her community service within a year of sentencing - or else.

"I'm not going to give five extra minutes," she said, adding, "I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of a John Gotti movie.'"

Lohan at Progress Report Hearing

The judge was frustrated that in two months since she somehow avoided jail for stealing a necklace, Lindsay has completed just four days out of 60.

Also upset that Lindsay had not enrolled in psychological counseling - as she's required to do - Sautner is giving her 21 days to sign up, or else!

The L.A. County Probation Dept. asked Judge Sautner to violate Lindsay's probation and remand her into custody for three alleged violations.

It's worth noting that two claims were bogus and the third - LiLo not returning a call from her probation officer - was resolved (she called back).

Judge Sautner made it very clear that she will revoke LiLo's probation if she doesn't get her a$$ in gear, but told off her probation officer, too.

Sautner called the officer's claims totally inaccurate and judge strongly implied the probation officer was unfairly gunning for Lindsay Lohan.

The probation officer's alleged beef with Lohan was threefold:

  1. Lindsay did not pay $3,900 in fees for community service. This was not a violation, however, has she has three years to pay these.
  2. Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer. Again, the probation officer was wrong. Lohan actually left three messages.
  3. Lindsay did not prove to the department that she enrolled in her community service program, shoplifting program, and psychological counseling. Again, irrelevant. Lohan had to report these to the judge alone.

People connected with LiLo think the probation officer has an axe to grind. It looks like the judge agrees, as she wasn't moved by the claims.

Still, Sautner has her own gripes with the way Lohan has conducted herself, and the possibility of jail still looms if she keeps screwing up.

In other legal news, Lohan is being sued by Dawn Holland.

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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Lindsay & Mike, your Sir James is gorgeous and pcefret in every way! As much as you have been blessed with him, his little soul picked the pcefret parents, and he too has been blessed with the both of you!Ms. Lindsay London. As a fellow photographer, I'm so incredibly happy that Lindsay and Mike found you! Their maternity images are incredible! I love each and every one that I've seen, as well as every image you've shown here of James and his Mommy & Daddy! Your work is real and intuitive, heartfelt and beautiful, and I thank you so much for capturing my lovely cousin and her guys so fabulously!


This is not news! If you want to get away with breaking the law, do it in LaLaLand. Oh well, just another example of celebrity forced on someone who never got discipline and wasn't prepared to deal with it. It's only a matter of time until they find this addict dead and I doubt those who enabled her will take any share of the blame (her parents, CA courts).


This Lindsay Lohen news is starting to get boring. If she can't get her shit together, that's her problem. This whole thing about Lindsay Lohen with the alcohol, drugs and stealing the necklace thing is getting so boring and so ridiculous. Enough is enough.


I'm so annoyed of this. This girl is still being punished for a 2007 driving violation. She's not a criminal. She's an immuture kid who's only crime now is she messed up on her probation. If only Lindsey was as mature as the guy who sold drugs to my son, she too would have all this behind her. While this probation officer and D.A. and Judge is keeping their names in newspapers, getting all the publicity from Lindsey that they can. The real criminal who obeyed all their probation rules, is now free and back on the streets selling drugs to your kids. Go get her Judge, put Lindsey in jail. Make us all safe. But next time, I hope it's your kid he sells drugs to. I'm sorry Lindsey that we now live in a time when spoilled brats must be brought to justice. You should have been a drug dealer. Chatham


Lindsay came into this world with two handicaps: her parents. They are two of the most pathetic excuses for parents I've ever seen. Dina took Lindsay to clubs to drink and party long before she was of age. Could she be more irresponsible? Unless Lindsay breaks away from her parents she doesn't stand a chance of digging herself out of the hole she's in. It's too bad because she had some talent at one time. Now she's just a train wreck.


If Lindsay's mother would stop "partying" with her daughter and if Lindsay's dad would stop drugging and doing the ridiculous things he does, maybe this kid would have a chance. Her excuses are absurd and no one else could get away with this stuff BUT cash talks and someone is greasing the palms of these judges. Anyone else would have been locked up a long time ago and getting out of it by checking into a rehab center is just a front. Lindsay definitely needs to get her S _ _ T together along with her parents. A true talent wasted.


She will never ever learn because she is a spoiled brat the only way she will learn and not even at that if her freedom is taken away permanetly. She thinks everything is game because she goes in and out of court as though it is her living room so why don't they just leave her alone because California doesn't have the money to put her where she belongs and it costing them way to much to bring her back to court every other mouth.


It is about "DAMN TIME that a Judge in La La Land isn't afraid of her. This should have been said months ago. They should just lock her up make her eat bologna sandwichs and make 12 cents and hour. Welcome to the real world.....


I don't know whether to be sorry for Lohan
or amazed at how little she cares about herself
or wonder about the court systems?
Anyyway you look at it, it all sucks.


people, say animals are dumb.! Absolutely NOT they are smart enough to eat their young ,young when they sense something is horribly wrong with them. In this case maybe this should've been an option.? It's apparent that there is a major defecit here ,all the priveledge & promise & still a screw up. Ridiculous!!!!!!!!! & as far as no money for treatment return some of that over priced S**t you purchased or stole. & get some monet from your lame ass excuses , you have the misfortune of calling parents, since they've mooched off you forever. In closing she's like a tornado you know you should run ,but you get sucked up in the destruction & carnage.


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