Friends Confirm Elin Nordegren-Jamie Dingman Relationship: "It's Fun, She's Happy"

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Recent reports have been confirmed by a friend close to Elin Nordegren: She's got a new boyfriend in Jamie Dingman, it's fun, and she's happy!

After her divorce from Tiger Woods, Elin instantly became one of the most eligible and desirable women on Earth ... but also sought to lay low.

It wasn't until a year and a half later that she was ready to move on and was spotted kissing and hugging Jamie Dingman in Stockholm, Sweden:

A source confirmed to People that the two are an item, but still "at the beginning of dating, where you don't know where it's going to go."

Elin met Jamie, a financier, at a charity dinner in Florida benefiting Queen Silvia of Sweden's World Childhood Foundation on April 2.

Despite rumors to the contrary, such as Elin dating a student in Florida last summer, this is Nordegren's first post-split relationship:

"It's fun and she's happy," adds a second Elin friend.

Looks like Jamie's strange ties to Rachel Uchitel - which reportedly blindsided Elin - haven't put a damper on things. At least not yet.

Tiger, who from all accounts we've read is currently single, finalized his divorce from Elin last year, giving her at least $100 million.

They have two children, Sam, 4, and Charlie, 2.

If things don't work out, E, just give us a call. No one on our staff has done Rachel Uchitel. Well, probably. She does get around ...


Is "Terry" Tiger? haha The one with no brains is Tiger. He had a good woman, mother of his children, and he trashed her for an army of nasty sluts.


Elin, can you hear what Carmen have been saying? Your twin sister must have taken your brains or you are just a whxxx. Seems to me, you are very similar to Rachel. I hope I won't get to know you.


Haven't you all realize that Elin is just a gold digger? She is happy because her boyfriend has money. She found a new mine to dig.


i learn english


She's heading for another heartbreak. But I guess she's old enough to choose for herself. She certainly has a type. Rich, successful, prone to cheating!


Elin, Beware!!! You don't need another liar and cheater in your life!!! Elin, be careful, this man seems to have a long list of lovers! Any man that gets involved with a tramp like Uglitel is worth nothing! He could be deceiving you with attentions and lies to get a hand on your money!!!Elin you don't need this sort of issues! You are beautiful, young and rich and next time hire a PI to check out your men before getting involved for your own safety!!! Best to you


If shes happy, then Im happy for her.
He had better be good to her. She deserves someone thats honest & faithful.
And those kids dont need to see their mom get her heart broken again.


I say, good for her! She deserves to be happy and not cheated on. Tiger lost a good woman!

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