Jamie Dingman and Rachel Uchitel: Former Couple Alert!

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Before he began dating Elin Nordegren, Jamie Dingman and Rachel Uchitel were an item. Yes, the same woman whose affair with Tiger Woods was exposed in November 2009, sending him fleeing in his car and ... you know the rest.

Didn't see that one coming, did you?

Tournament of THG Couples Bracket

Jamie Dingman, whose dad is a billionaire tycoon, has been dating Elin Nordegren for several months. Prior to Elin, Jamie and Rachel dated fairly recently - there was even some overlap with Tiger, which Jamie was aware of!

When Rachel Uchitel was getting more serious with Tiger, Jamie reportedly joked. "That's okay. I'll date his wife, Elin." It gets weirder still:

At the time the Tiger scandal broke, they were living together in Miami! 

One last bizarre connection comes from Jen Madden, the girl who sold the Woods story. Staying at her friend's home, she learned about Rachel Uchitel's affair with Tiger when she overheard her talking about it ... with Jamie.

No clue if Elin Nordegren is aware of any of this, but if she's not, we can't imagine it's going to go over too well when someone clues her in.

Then again, maybe it's a little bit of payback.

Who would you rather ...


Why can't the media leave this couple alone they need to have a life like everyone else .. stop butting in .. for the sake of the Children let it be .....


just goes to prove cheating is not about looks you can be the most ggoeorus natural beauty and get cheated on. women tend to think it's all about sex LADIES IT'S NOT. a man will cheat because he CAN. the whores he selected are no worse than him. poor Elin is taking classes about abnormal psychology because she wants so desperately to understand why her creepy husband would do what he did. women need to accept that most men are weak, insecure beings the more competitive they are the more they'll chase down prey for ego. I truly hope she escaped his reign of terror disease-free. He should be branded with a scarlet letter and shunned by society as a woman would be but that's the world we live in folks. better to be independent, alone, HEALTHY and happy. GOOD FOR ELIN!


Once a gold digger, will always be, Elin you're the one


If any of this is true, I hope she sheds the douchebag. She deserves to spend her time w/people that havent screwed her ex or his whores.




Elin Beware!!! Any man that has been involved with that slut,Rachel Uglitel, is worth nothing!Elin, just have a good time and don't take him seriously!In time you will find Mr. Right!!!

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