Breaking, Stunning News: DMX Jailed!

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Poor DMX.

The man received some unfortunate news just before the holidays - he'll be spending them behind bars. Then again, is that really that unusual for X?

The rapper was just sentenced to prison again - this time for a probation violation - according to officials in Arizona, who revoked those rights this morning.

A Mug Shot of DMX

FAMILIAR FACE: Before long, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept. is going to name a wing for DMX, and our celebrity mug shots album will be renamed "DMX photos."

The decision comes a month after he was busted in Phoenix for failing to check in with a probation officer. He was on probation for a 2009 assault conviction.

Don't even ask us which one. We lost track ages ago.


The graet rap all time. I think that you got style and wish you get it togother also feel sorry for you yes thing do get hard but you don't game up on life.


Um wtf does bob dylan have 2 do with dmx? People stay on tha subject pls. But ne ways...dmx grow tha fuck up stop doin dumb shit n live ur life love ya fam cus ur failing at being a good husband and father. Come on d u can do much better n should want 2

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