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Bree Olson is no longer dating Charlie Sheen, but the former porn star wants to make something clear:

I’m “still a goddess,” she says in the latest issue of Playboy. “I’m just not Charlie’s goddess.”

Check out an image from Olson’s pictorial HERE.

Sheen and Richards
Photo via Getty Images

Fair enough. But we still only care about Olson in relation to Sheen. Tell us, Bree, how was the actor in bed?

“He’s had a lot of practice,” she says, adding that Sheen was “gentle and considerate” when it mattered and: “He’s just a rock star. He’s a powerhouse. He’s a very sensual and sexual person, and when I was with him I felt as if we became one together, because he’s just so enticing sexually.”

What about Natalie Kenly, the third point on Sheen’s one-time goddess triangle? Did these two get it on?

“That was a lie,” Olson says.


“Okay, all three of us got together, I think, twice.”

Olson says she’s now through with adult movies and wants to become a mainstream actress. She really believes she can do it. Why?

“I’m so winning right now.”