Casey Anthony to Undergo Major Mental Health Treatment

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No matter what you think of the Casey Anthony verdict, it's clear this is a wise move. The 25-year-old will seek treatment for serious mental issues.

As such, the acquitted murder suspect won't be sitting down with ABC, NBC, CBS or any other network for an interview in the foreseeable future.

Guilty or not, she needs to receive professional help ASAP.

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Sources say Casey is seeking treatment for three reasons:

  1. She realizes her questionable behavior when daughter Caylee Anthony went missing in 2008 stemmed from "obvious mental health issues."
  2. She needs help coping with the "obvious trauma of losing her child."
  3. She spent nearly three years in solitary confinement in a Florida jail. That's 23 hours a day in a cramped cell, with death row looming if she were convicted of murder. A source close to Casey says "It messed with her head."

When she's healthy, Anthony will have the final word on where and how her story will be told. Attorney Jose Baez will continue to field offers.


I found mylsef nodding my noggin all the way through.


Sue is correct.
I have come to the conclusion the whole family were in
George hearing at the opening that he had molested Casey,
said a loud WHAT, and shown their amazement.
Cindy swore on the bible she was on the computer when she
Lee is just an onlooker, he could care less.
Baez, the now pimp, organized the whole show.
The 12 blind mice ate it up.
Judge Perry will once again give in to Baez on probation.
How can anyone serve probation in Jail?


everyone needs to leave her alone. people are so stupid. she been through hell and all people want is to entertain themselves with this story. she is a human with feelings and emotions. i am sure is feels hurt and is not that heartless monster the public put her out to be!!!


Sweet rockin' hottie Casey Anthony just needs some tender, loving rehab with a kind, patient, understanding, financially-secure gentlemen who admires & respects her. Then she will be all right.


She's a pathological liar. She's a murderer. No 'treatment' will make those things get better. The only treatment she needs is a series of injections while strapped to a gurney. I will pay for that therapy.


Yes, Casey Anthony needs serious mental help. Everyone already knows that. While they're at it, why not get seek mental help for Casey's family, the judge, and jury as well? If they couldn't see that Casey obviously murdered Caylee, and had help covering it up, then they all deserve to be locked up. I refuse to sit here and console Casey for needing help when she obviously needed it before the verdict was ever announced. She sat there in court with little to no expression at all, and didn't report Caylee missing until way after she already was. It's obvious what she did, and it's obvious that she most-likely had some kind of help. Why does it seem like everyone is feeding off news about Casey instead of grieving for the innocent little girl that the monster killed?!


So, casey anthony has supporters from all over the world believing in her innocence. If so, then they can pay her bills in court, pay for her therapy, pay for her new car, pay for her house, pay for her food, pay for her nails,and oh yes, pay for partying, nightclubbing.... etc, etc, etc.


Judge Perry hiding the jury. He emphasized Reasonable doubt
a few times. he should have done the same for circumstantial
evidence. There in hiding, we need someone with a flute to draw
out the 12 blind mice.


i feel the verdict would have been different if the whole family were to have been on trial. they are all lying and covering up. i do not think casey was alone in this therefore should not have been alone on trial.


I GET it! The media puts her on the back burner a bit. Then brings out a headline, to see if there is enough interest to get comments. As long as we respond--they will keep her around. Our best bet, is to show absolutely NO response (good, bad or indifferent---like supply and demand.o demand--No supply. All agree to boycott anything about her---then let it all die. No interest--no sense in offering big bucks for an interview. I might be naturally blonde---but I get it!

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