Jose Baez Shopping Casey Anthony Interview to Networks

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Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez is reportedly at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, holding meetings with all of the major TV networks.

NBC, ABC and CBS are all competing for the first interview with the accused child murderer, and you can bet HUGE dollar amounts are involved.

Sources connected with the negotiations say there is a "big price tag."

Jose Baez Photo

The networks don't technically pay for interviews, however, they can offer to license photos and other material and pay whatever amount Baez asks.

NBC, which is paying for Baez's hotel room, looks like the frontrunner, but ABC is in the game, while CBS "is a distant third" to land the sit-down.

Baez spent part of last night in the hotel bar with famed lawyer Mark Geragos, whose clients include or included Michael Jackson, Susan McDougal (Whitewater), Greg Anderson (BALCO), Winona Ryder, Scott Peterson and Chris Brown.

Geragos, who is well-versed in high-profile cases and tricky negotiations such as this, reportedly gave Baez some advice in reaching a deal.

Whether or not Casey Anthony is back in Florida already, it looks like she'll only be in hiding - and flat broke - for so long.


To add a few educated people to the mix of a jury is an excellent idea and would prevent the type of corruption the framers probably were trying to avoid by using a jury of peers. I hope the media will pursue the jurors so we can get a better idea of their thought process. If it becomes clear that they lacked the capacity to understand the legal concepts, it may help to change the system. Again, I hate to see someone guilty go free, but I am truely afraid of how many innocent people are convicted because our jury system is flawed. It seems impossible to change, but any ideas on how to start?


Casey never did want a baby and one of her friends said she would adopt it, but Cindy prevented it. Casey and her boyfriend called Caylee, "snot head" "the kid", the "Offspring". Casey was tired of taking care of Caylee, and never getting to see her boyfriend, as much as he wanted. Casey knew something had to be done, so she killed her, smothering her. She was happy and went partying. Caylee ib the trunk, and thrown in the bushes to decompose. This woman was rid of her problems when she killed her baby. Waiting 31 days, and telling lies. This woman is not just a murderer, she is a devil.She sure should not get any money off the killing, and also neither should her evil lawyer. He told so many lies and never proved any of them. What a mess, and now she is going to get off serving probation after jail, which is the way it should be, not while in jail. What a circus.


EXACTLY. You would think our judicial system would learn that
a jury of peers, is not that. A more professional jury would
have someone or two who have studied the judicial system and
have a doctorate in that judicial system. They would become
professional jurors, to add to the mix of lay people. Someone
who proclaims prior to the trial " I can't judge people" must
be excused from duty. Judging people is exactly what the jury
is for. Guilty or not guilty is judgmental. Explaining that
reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence are both equally
as important in a decision would render a more true verdict.
It is sad to see someone like Casey Anthony be found not guilty
because of jury incompetence.


I hope the media will still be interested in this story when Judge Perry releases the jurors names. I really feel it is important to know how they decided this case. I don't think stating "the system worked" is accurate and furthermore, nothing is perfect. Just because it is our system, does not mean it can't be improved. Remember: If confustion or intellect was the reason for this decision, then how many innocent people may be sent to prison because the jury does not understand the law?


This jury proved our system is just not the best.
How could 6 people who thought she was guilty of manslaughter
change their minds. Think about that. 6 people and they ALL
agreed suddenly she was innocent? Not possible. They have a lot
to answer for. Judge Perry can't hide them forever. Their
mistake allowed a murderer free to do it again. Watch for Judge Perry to allow her to already have served her probation. He seems
to be her biggest fan. Probation should only be served AFTER YOU
HAVE BEEN RELEASED. We know she talked to other prisoners, THAT
IS A BREAK IN PROBATION. She was not visited by a probation officer, another break. One crime has nothing to do with the


sorry, my computer went crazy on me. To finish, Casey will onlt lie in any interview, so it is not worth 5 cents to me..


Jose Baez is losing his home to foreclosure, duh.. of course he wants to pimp her out.. He knows she is guilty, but wants what he can get off of her money wise, and who knows what else. He and the other professional partner, who flips people off all the time, are scumbags. The jury, I swear, were brainless.. and they now say, "Oh, we didn't mean she was innocent", duh.. what dimwits. This whole trail was nothing but a circus, run by clowns. Nancy Grace told it straight, and so did the Prosecution. The only way to get even is to turn off your TV sets if and when Casey, the liar, ever gets on there to tell her storafrom


TO I HATE YOU- I see you included yourself in the category of a redneck,when you said WE don't have to worry this month about ss check. Listen up dumb ass just because someone is collecting ss does not mean they are lazy. You ignorant person, I worked for 40 years and am proud to be collecting ss,because I PAID into that system!!!!!!You are probably a lonely ,vindictive person who sits on her ass all day long eating twinkies and drinking beer!


Also - to 'I hate you.' For pete's sake, talk about ignorance speaking from a pulpit. Juries are not infalliable - they make mistakes, and they did so here. All you have to do is look at a picture of this woman before the verdict was rendered and then, after the verdict was rendered. She is undecently gleeful. That, alone, speaks volumes. This woman killed her baby - whether deliberately or by negligence. And she doesn't have a scintilla of remorse in her body. And - I do not think I fit your definition of 'red-neck.' I am a long-time attorney with enough common sense after living 57 years to know that if 'it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.....'
This woman - who I refuse to mention by name - killed a baby and she is ecstatically happy right now. There is something really, really wrong with this picture.


Why would anybody pay her even a dollar for an interview , amazes me ! EVERY ANSWER / RESPONSE would be ANOTHER LIE !!!! > Every year hundreds of kids drown in swimming pools in this country .... cops come and say it's an accident , people mourn and get on with thier lives! >> One person , Casey Anthony ,wraps the childs head in duct tape puts the child in a plastic bag and buried the child in the back yard with the pets > just one person > Casey Anthony ! She then lied to scores of police and thousands of other people about a nanny , where she works > ALL LIES ! >>> The resonable doubt was of her being innocent > it all pionted to a cover-up and her being GUILTY !! Mike in N.Y.