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Rascal Flatts has penned this tribute song to Caylee Anthony. It's called "She's Going Places."

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Yes I do hate it. Smarter then you. No she isn't innocent. Why the fuck do you wait 31 days to call the plicoe? If it was a sane person they would call the plicoe ASAP. She killed her daughter so that she could party. She isn't hot you have a weird taste in girls. I think she is as ugly as a person can be. I actually think they're on the same level. Both murderers both got away with it both ugly as hell.


Very cool idea. I too like the camera one. And the trip aoscrs the USA. This year I ran my first half marathon, but ironically still need to get an exercise routine. I do recommend the roller derby- it is a lot of fun to watch, though not at all like they show in the movies.


The Anthony family should be put in the Adams Family that took place in the 1970's. How they could wait 31 days to report this beautiful baby missing is just as bizarre as the Anthony Family is. Cindy got off with Murder. What is this world coming to? Lady Justice is on an extended vacation. The devil is dancing as Nancy Grace Said on her show. so so sad. Casey Anthony should NEVER be able to have anymore children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


R.I.P angel :( how sad


rnp angel :(


may god hold you sweet baby in his arms..I am sorry you could not be one of my babies children,grand children and my sweet great-grand child..Maybe you are in my heart..As you can tell you have love from those who never knew you..


Such a beautiful song. Gary's performance of this song leaves me speechless. Such a tradegy to happen to such a beautiful little girl and so young. I believe this song will remind everyone that Caylee Marie will never be forgotten. Gary is Caylee"s voice and God Bless him for this tribute to her. I tell you I have a new favorite artist, after hearing this song Gary is my idol. This song gave me goose bumps, the hair stood up on my neck and he left me mesmerized. He sang this and it came from his heart, just listening to the words he reaches into your very soul and you can feel the warmth, sadness, love and caring about this little girl. YOU ROCK GARY! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!


A very beautiful song that will make anyone shed a tear.I hope that the Anthonys never get to meet the people who wrote it. Also "Mandy"dated July 26, Casey will never make it to heaven to face judgement, and "JACKIE EARLY" screw you and your comments. You are just as bad as Caylee's mom, you have no feeling, no heart and no love for a precious little girl who couldn't defend herself and was dumped in a nasty swamp instead of having a proper little girls burial.RIP Caylee Marie, we all love you and will continue fighting for you and all the rest of the children who died an unfortunate death.


A beautiful song for a beautiful girl,


Pretty song.It was terrible the way Caylee died but at least now she is in Gods care and away from her mother.I hope and pray Casey burns in hell.I cant stand that selffish bitch!But i cant understand how someone could be so cruel to an innocent little girl and be able to live with themselves.It really makes me sick on my Caylee !

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