Casey Anthony Back in Florida? New Video Raises Questions, Denials

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Is Casey Anthony already back on her home turf?

A woman hidden under a sweater was whisked out of a small plane and into a building at an Orlando, Fla., airport on Tuesday, sparking rumors that the accused murderer might have already returned to central Florida.

The woman has approximately the same build as Anthony and was even wearing a hot pink top, as Casey was when she was released from jail Sunday.

Casey Anthony Sighting?

Moreover, the corporate plane in the WFTV News video appears to be the same Pilatus PC-12 owned by the firm of Anthony's former attorney, Todd Macaluso, who also was rumored to have helped her flee Florida after her release.

Anthony's current lawyer, Jose Baez, insists it's NOT her, however.

"It is not her. It is 100 percent not Casey Anthony," Baez told People. "We wouldn't bring her back to Orlando three days after she left, in broad daylight. It doesn't even look like her. This is Macaluso playing games."

Check out the video after the jump:

If this is all a ruse/decoy/hoax thing, why did the woman at the airport then get into a silver SUV belonging to one of Baez's associates, Will Slabaugh?

"He [Macaluso] had Will’s car," says Baez. "Will was not in it.”

Macaluso's office, which is based in Carlsbad, Calif., says he's not commenting. The private plane, he says, is part of the service he offers clients.

Baez suggests Macaluso is "probably tired of people following his plane, so he came up with this. But it is not Casey. Casey is not in Orlando."

As for where Casey Anthony is? Your guess is as good as ours. But despite Baez's claims to the contrary, we wouldn't rule out Orlando at all.


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Like I said before now that Casey Anthony is out of jail. What she did to her own daughter will come back to haunt her and she will be having sleepless nights. She can't stay hiding like that for long.


Too bad we don't spend as much time and energy on innocent people that are put in jail by juries who get it wrong in an opposite way. Casey Anthony may or may not be guilty and free
but there are plenty of people in jail who are innocent...perhaps
Nancy Grace should pay a little more attention to them .


I just hope she gets what she deserves, which she will sooner or later! Karma has many faces ,Casey, brace yourself!


The sad thing is there is an innocent baby that is dead and nobody did it and that is why so many people are so upset but we have all leave her alone because she was found NOT GUILTY but remember that is not the same as innocent she meaning Casey or her father will pay for what was done to her sooner than later by the primary judge GOD and he does that by himself and when he desides what to do there will be no judges or jury just him and it will be final.


Someone will find her eventually. She (Casey) is a walking target for those who would seek to avenge that poor little girl. I will pray for everyone involved as I do not think this is over yet.


I just wish the lynching mob would calm down! it is rediculous how people are reacting to this! We are supposed to be a civilized society but just as soon as anyone is accused of doing any thing you are ready to hang them. i do not know is this woman was inocent or guilty but the fact of the matter is that the justice system failed to prove her guilt. Nobody can be blamed for that but the procecuters. If she was guilty they did not do their job.


WTH people. Get on with your lives. If all the news media has to do is try to spend time discovering where she is, there is a lot of important news they are missing out on.