Where is Casey Anthony? Amid Threats, Lawyer Urges Public to "Respect the Verdict"

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A little over 24 hours have passed since Casey Anthony's release from an Orlando, Fla., jail, and the accused child murderer's whereabouts are unclear.

Her attorney, Jose Baez, wants to keep it that way - and for the public to chill.

Appearing on Fox News, Baez urged angry citizens to leave Anthony alone and to start "respecting the jury verdict and decisions that the juries make.”

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In the wake of numerous death threats, Photoshopped pictures depicting her death, “I Hate Casey Anthony” and “Where is Casey Anthony?” Facebook pages, and a general sense of rage, Baez expressed concern.

"Pundits and media personalities have no right to try to alter the life of any individual because of what they think may or may not have happened," he said.

Good luck trying to convince Nancy Grace of that.

Casey was acquitted July 5 of first-degree murder, manslaughter and aggravated child abuse in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

She received credit for time served - nearly 1,000 days - on convictions of four counts of lying to police, and was released from jail early Sunday.

Baez told Fox News Casey has "certain rights as an individual in this country" as far as writing a book, doing money-making interviews and so on.

"If she decides she wants to speak publicly, she'll make that decision," he said, without elaborating on what his client's future plans may be.

Anthony's whereabouts for her first week of freedom remain a closely guarded secret, known only to a select few as she tries to start a new life.

Sources report that Anthony boarded a plane at the Orlando Executive Airport at about 3:00 a.m. Sunday. The single engine plane reportedly has a connection to a wealthy California attorney who worked on her case.

It’s believed the plane landed in Arizona, but that is unconfirmed.


Baez is the same liar as Casey Anthony is, that's why he took her case. There was an article about him being sales person and filing bankruptcy. And is is so sad, that scammer got a right to sue you, when he got away from stealing. Now he got her killer client away from jail.Really sad. And for these, who says Casey is innocent - get her as a babysitter for your child.


For all these people, who said Casey is innocent. Well, good for you all . And because u all so good hearted, then help her with a job, She is out of money and according to her resume she is babysitter. Let her babysit for your child, would you?


Casey Anthony is in Crescent City, California. Why doesn't some reporter grab the story? She went to Walmart today (stayed in the car), the ice cream store yesterday, and came in Jack McNamara Field on her release date.


I agree with Faith, time to move on. I to belive she was protecting her father. Did anyone notice Joseph Anthony when asked if molested casey, while saying no was shaking his head yes. Body language says he is lying. Again, I wish Casey the best.


I cannot believe the prosecution. Now I heard that the computer search for cloroform was only once, not 84 times. The hair was challenged and became meaningless. What about the can of decomposed air? Sorry, there simply was not enough evidence to convict. Stop the media conviction and be real. Get over it!!!


I wish casey anthony well and hope she stays on the right track. If I knew how to contact her, I would offer her assistance. I am surprised and saddened by all the hatred many people display in their comments. The world lost a beautiful little girl. If you know Casey killed her child, why weren't you on the witness stand? Get over it!!!


I am proud of all the commentators who spoke their minds so eloquently and put the cards on the table about Casey being as low as she is and particularly about Baez who is the epitome of a worm, and that isn't even bad enough for this national disgrace to the Bar and the Legal System Keep up the good work, yo'all and don't you dare pay any attention to these other undermining pacifists telling you to "give it up" and lay off. You are on the right track. (And I certainly would not doubt that Baez is fooling around with Casey)


The attorney is asking the public respect for this womens whereabouts but I ask him, what about this little angels lost life, who respected her rights, who protected her? Casey didnt, she was whoring around knowing that her daughter was dead! Dont talk about respect when you dont even know the meaning of it! Mister Jose Baez, I dont know where your ethics and morals are but defending a woman who everybody knows is guilty of murdering her own child, simply because of fame or money, doesnt deserve to be called an Attorney!


I Agree totally with N/A. You people have a whole lot more to worry about than Casey anthony. Leave it alone. Lets get on to more inportant things. Like the state our economy is in. And our countries problems. Casey anthony is not even an important event right now. None of you know what happened. Its like you are supporting a soap opera or something. If you are that bored than find something constructive to do. Only her family knows what happened. And i believe they all do. And the guilty ones will stand before God. Its not your problem. You wont have to stand in front of God and answer for it. Let it be.............


I do not believe she did it. She is guilty for not reporting it, but i believe she was under the instructions of her father. I believe it was an accidental drowning that took at the Anthony residence and was covered up by her father who ws a former police officer to make the family not be embarrased or be blamed for negligence of a child. I also believe Caseys father molested her and he is the real father of Caylee. look at george and casey. Caylee looks like them. I also believe Cindy anthony found out and was covering things up do to her own embarrasment. Strange , but could be true. I believe the whole darn family knows what happened, but will never tell.