Casey Anthony Released From Jail, Heckled By Protesters

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Casey Anthony became a free woman early Sunday morning.

Just after midnight, wearing blue jeans and a bright pink top, and with hundreds of protesters heckling her, the 25-year-old walked out of the front door of the Orange County Booking and Release Center in Orlando, Fla.

With her were attorney Jose Baez and two sheriff's deputies:

With the cash from her supporters and a police escort into a gray SUV, Anthony drove her into the hot Florida night, her destination unknown.

"She had a look of relief on her face," said photographer Tony Zumbado. "There was a smile on her face. She looked glad to be out of there."

Most people were not decidedly unhappy she's out of there.

An angry crowd of more than 300 people had formed outside the jail. Police on horseback tried to maintain control of the vitriolic mob scene.

"Casey, rot in hell!" one person screamed at Anthony.

"You killed your daughter, Casey!" shouted another.

That person is far from alone in that belief, but a jury concluded that based on the evidence presented, prosecutors couldn't prove she did it.

Casey was arrested, tried and acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. The highly unpopular verdict shocked the public and has resulted in many death threats for Anthony and those close to her.

Anthony's future whereabouts and plans are unclear.


I guarantee you its the fat and ugly who are crying about Casey. She was found not guilty in a court of law. Save the cryin' for you momma.


For all u out there supporting this murderer.... Shove it up ur ass. We ALL know she did it. Casey Anthony I HOPE YOU ROTT IN HELL


A philospher man once told me..that the greatest injustice is what she did to the quiet of the day or night..she'll realize her mistake..that child can never be replaced. It's a void in her family line.
She will have to live with this why all the hate people..does not the Bible say, ye without sin..cast the 1st stone?? The jury made their decision and really, no one made those who are soo judgemental, judges!!


Sorry people have so little to do..that once a jury makes a pronouncement, they go hassle someone!!


Now that this baby killer is out of jail,I hope when the time comes she rots in hell. She dose not deserve to walk a-mong us,I hope she does not get a penny from this.


She did it. All know it. The justice system stinks. She needs to be made a pariah everywhere she goes. She needs her womb hacked out, so a precious child can never be born to her. She will get her comeuppance - what goes around comes around. If she didn't want beautiful Caylee, there are millions of childless couples who did. She was probably jealous of Caylee's beauty. There are sick people like that.

Brian pfeiffer

Well....welcome to the legal system, the facts are...we all know she did it, and so does the jury, they just couldn't prove it...same as OJ, but I'm sure, she'll get hers in the end...these things always have a way of working themselves out...just look where OJ is now...


what this evil witch did to her child will come back to haunt her. Casey Anthony will not be getting a good night sleep on any night.


Calling this woman names won't bring back this beautiful child all of us have to go out into the world and do good things in her name and not get angry over what happened to her because she won't want that and that is all that is important.


Casey Anthony AKA Baby Killer should get Spayed and get whiped like a run away slave!!!!