Blake Lively and Selena Gomez to Anchor Sex and the City Prequel?

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The rumor of Selena Gomez portraying Charlotte York in a Sex and the City prequel evoked many responses earlier this month. So let's see what readers think of this intriguing follow-up story:

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    and what the frick do you mean unlike Miley ? Miley looks ctxealy the same with makeup as without it. And while they both have ugly smiles, at least Miley doesnt have a man chin or half as ugly a personality.


    What is this "Sex and the City" I keep hearing about?
    First of all I think selena gomez is terrible, and if anyone likes her, THEY should go to hell.
    @Carly you get it gurl!


    Blake is the PERFECT person to play Carrie. I believe that she is the best fit in the series remake actually...if they even tried her for Samantha I wouldn't even bother watching.
    Selena Gomez could prove to be a good Charlotte too! & for all the "she mexican" comments, shut up. All Hollywood ever does is cast white people in any kind of foreign roles. Jake Gylenhall in Prince of Persia. COME ON.
    I don't really get Emma Roberts being the
    mix, but it might work.
    As for Elizabeth Olsen, I haven't seen anything from her. Maybe she could play Samantha instead. Not Carrie.


    As much as I like Blake she could never compete with Kim. And Samantha is supposed to have small boobs, that's just the way it is. And I don't think Blake could ever play a strong, independent and sincere role like Samantha. Maybe I am wrong, since I have strongly connected her with Serena. Selena has a very large face to be Charlotte but I guess she could play the role. Emma Roberts for Miranda is interesting but I am not sure yet. And Elizabeth Olsen... I've never seen her acting so I can't really tell, but I think they could do much better for Carrie. She has too look like SJP as much as possible.


    i think that Olsen should play Samantha as she has that round-ish face to her that looks like Samantha. Selena Gomez is okay for Charlotte but i would have chosen a more white girl (no offence to anybody intended). Carrie should be played by Lively as she look similer to Sarah Jessica Parker is some ways. And Emma Roberts is the wrong shoice for Miranda as Miranda is a red head.
    those are my points XD


    Someone named GOMEZ playing a YORK!!! Pleeease......:.sorry but these girls are all white and Charlotte is suppose to be a total WASP!! Guess they have to be politically correct.........stupid!!!


    I would totally watch this. They are new celebrities and Sex and the city is an awesome series so do it!


    I really wouldn't care if even Jack Black played one of the women, I don't follow those movies!


    you are sound like a female dog here
    if you hate selena this much then please just go to hell


    im surprised that they arent having the reg. people and casting new people.....i think selena should get the part but im surprised that blake lively isnt being casted as carrie....

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