Bachelorette Betrayal: Is J.P. Rosenbaum Living a Double Life?!

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Both The Bachelorette spoilers and conventional wisdom have had J.P. Rosenbaum in the final two all season - but is Ashley Hebert making a huge mistake?

We won't say anything more about whether J.P. is in fact the winner (follow the link above for the latest on that), but In Touch says he's living a double life!

Not only is he on the show for the wrong reasons - according to a low-rent tabloid - but he's in love with his ex! And there was a celeb hookup of some sort!

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It's an interesting report, given how smitten JP has seemed all season. The guy can't even handle other guys dating Ashley Hebert - on a TV show whose entire premise is other guys dating Ashley Hebert - without getting pissed!

Of all the contestants, JP seems the most genuine and interested in Ashley (fellow finalist Ben Flajnik is a close second). So no matter what you might think of their relationship, we'd take any reports of his duplicity with a boulder of salt.

Does this change your view of the show's finale this Monday night (August 1)? Of the final two, who do you think Ashley should choose?


J.P. would be a big mistake. He's way too jealous already and I think he's a different creature when the lights and cameras are off. Ben seems way more genuine. I'll be interestd to see what is happening next year at this time.


"Not only is he on the show for the wrong reasons - according to a low-rent tabloid - but he's in love with his ex! " Oh my! We must believe "a low-rent tabloid"!! All you guys want to do is dish trash on anyone and everybody so you can draw in the outrage and haters to further try to crush the people involved. So you keep up the feeding of negative information (mostly not true) hoping to destroy any possibility of a positive outcome for people just wanting love in their lives. Or maybe you want to make others feel there is no hope to find a person of ethics to be in a relationship with. Do you realize what kind of negative energy you are feeding into the world? Does that make you feel good about yourself? Well I hope you fail miserably! There is a lot of positive in this world - try digging for that.


I am a romantic and I wasn't disappointed. I don't understand why people would watch without being hopeful for two people falling in love. It is difficult yes, in front of the camera and with all the pressure that must be involved. Yet there is true connection and true feelings and it encourages me. None of us is a perfect match for everyone. Love lives and they have as good a chance at happiness as any of us. I wish them a long and lasting love with lots of passion and good food! And thank you for sharing small pieces of your lives with us here at home. It's been great.


All I can say is I don't believe anything I see,hear,or read when it comes to the Bachelorette and Bachelor Show. I just hope Ashely picked JP and I would love to see them make it more than any of the other couples that has been on there since day one. I would love to see Ben as the next Bachelor. I would love to see realty for real like it is and not what the producers do to keep drama, I know it's all about ratings.


It is amazing what kind of things can be manifested (true or not) about a person when they are on television. I don't know if I believe the whole thing about JP, but we'll all find out more on Monday. The Men Tell All is on Sunday night according to the commercials.


Isn't Men Tell All this next week? Please get your facts straight.


I don't know why I even bother reading this bull if you ask me.

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