The Bachelorette Sneak Preview: Shut. Up.

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Ashley Hebert is in for one heck of a shock next week. Viewers already know what's in store, and have reached for something to vomit into accordingly.

Bentley Williams makes a long-dreaded return to The Bachelorette in order for Ashley to seek "closure." The other guys? Far from pleased about this.

How long will Bentley stick around? Who will receive roses at the end of this episode, making it one step closer to those coveted hometown dates?

Click here for The Bachelorette spoilers if you care to know the answers to those questions. But clearly, the drama will be running high on Monday.

Here's the preview for next week (after last night's ceremony):


Instead of Bentley returning, he is such a loser as a person, they should have brought back Brad Womack as his relationship seems to be on/off. It would have been more interesting to see him return than Bentley who is so stuck on himself and does not deserve any lady's attention.


Ashley is a ding bat. She should have slammed the door in his face.He said he wasn't feeling it. That dude is just teasing her. Bentley is egotistical.
Bentley doesn't want her to have closure. He was probably missing his baby's mama. He should never have been allowed to return on the show. There are some potentially great guys on the show who are really serious.

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