The Bachelorette Recap: Bentley Williams CRUSHES Ashley Hebert!

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It's become a joke how we're promised the first [something] in Bachelorette history almost weekly, but this truthfully was an episode like no other.

First, we saw one of the contestants rip Ashley Hebert so badly that she broke down in tears. Amazingly, that was only the beginning of her torment.

While William's comedy bit crossed a line, Bentley crossed every line of human decency, lying, manipulating and straight up messing with Ashley.

Bentley and Ashley

WHAT A JACKASS: With his heartless ransacking of Ashley Hebert, slimy Bentley Williams cemented his place in the pantheon of reality TV villains.

Unlike past fellas that producers try to make appear sinister, Bentley Williams was as genuine with ABC's cameras as he was devious with Ashley.

He's not into her. Ashley Hebert is not hot. This is a game to him.

This was pretty unbelievable stuff. We often found ourselves torn between the sheer entertainment value and feeling genuinely awful for the poor girl.

Not only was she falling for this a$$, she's got to watch what he says on TV like we do. It's enough to make our stomachs turn. Imagine hers.

One wonders how she got past this and trusted someone else (see The Bachelorette spoilers to learn who) - and how Bentley sleeps at night.

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Things begin on a more positive note. Ashley goes flash mobbin' with Ben Castoriano, who tries his best to be a good sport about this. Plus 8.

At least there are some guys there for our girl at least. Plus 3 more for Ben's always positive attitude, although he went overboard with this:

"I want to live in an idealistic bubble where we are more in love than any other couple that ever lived." Dude, it's like your first date. Minus 4.


Really? That's it?

Jeff Medolla, a.k.a. the Guy in the Mask, finally removes it! Plus 7 for the producers' use of dramatic organ music and terrified small creatures throughout.

Minus 10, though, because Jeff's plan backfired so hard. First off, he's an average looking guy, so all the suspense couldn't help but make this a letdown.

Moreover, he wore the mask so that she'd "get to know what's inside," and yet what was outside of his face - the mask - was the story. Plus 2 for irony.

Now we're onto the roast. Minus 8 right off the bat for ABC even subjecting Ashley to this, because you knew they did so hoping for the deluge of tears.

Minus 5 more for the guys' jokes. Really, her chest is small? that's all any of you idiots have? Nothing about her new hair? Profession? Perkiness? Hello?

And a bonus Minus 16 for William going WAY, WAY over the top.

We realize Emily Maynard is drop-dead gorgeous, but Ashley is great in her own right, physically and otherwise. Plus 18, girl, 'cause we're here for you.

Just the same, Minus 3 for Ash being a teensy bit pathetic here. Not about Bentley, but with the Emily thing. You're The Bachelorette, Ashley. Own it!

Bentley comforts Ashley just to mess with her. He admits (to viewers) he wanted Emily too. For the "I-can't-believe-I'm-watching-this" factor, Plus 116.

Plus 24 more for his look when he says that "of the 25 guys, at least 24 were really excited it was you." He can barely contain the laughter inside.

Roasting Ashley


Then the about-face, which didn't really make any sense. When Ashley gives the date rose to Ryan P. instead, Bentley decides he wants out. Minus 11.

So he can only mess with her as long as he's the lone frontrunner? Why only then did he leave abruptly? Could he just not keep up the facade anymore?

"I played them all," he says. At what? Was this really the plan? Minus 18, because whatever PR he gets for his business can't be good after this display.

Whatever his reasoning, he went out with a bang, using his little girl as an excuse, disparaging Ashley with every word and making us cringe. Plus 35.

Of all his comments, the most offensive may have been when he said he doesn't find her attractive, but would nail her for fun. What a pig. Minus 70.

Voiceover: "It's annoying to hold a girl that's just ... crying, crying and crying. I already checked out." In person: "Can I call you?" Minus 20 more.

Trying to "turn her on" through her tears? Sorry, Minus 10 more.

Ashley flips out, starts sobbing and curls up in the fetal position in bed. Poor girl. He wasn't that great, though, even if you bought the facade. Wash.

Plus 11 for JP Rosenbaum and how he handled being the date after this debacle. He didn't get upset or make it about him, he just rolled with it.

JP Rosenbaum Picture

Now that's more like it!

JP is the opposite of Bentley, and for that reason he was the perfect guy to follow in the sleaze's footsteps. Plus 4 for being a class act throughout.

Plus 12 more for Ashley's glasses and pajamas.

No cocktail party, Ashley and Chris decide. Straight to the rose ceremony we go. William survives, as do bunch of guys we don't remember. Wash.

Chris, whoever that is, and Jeff are outta here. Before he departs, Jeff stoically walks over to the hearth and SETS HIS MASK ON FIRE! Plus 33.

TOTAL: +102. SEASON TOTAL: +142.

ROSE RECIPIENTS: Ben Castoriano, Ryan “Mickey” McLean, Blake Julian, Ben Flajnik, Nick Peterson, William “Will” Holman, West Lee, Lucas Daniels, Constantine “Dino” Tzortzis, Ryan Park, Ames Brown and JP Rosenbaum.

OUT: Bentley Williams (peaced out), Chris Drish and Jeff Medolla.


wsh t wzz bentley:)


I didn't like Ashley on Brad Bachelor and I like her even less on Bachelorette. She is pathetic and a whiner. She comes across as such a fake. She is wallowing in self pity and longing for Bentley. She is turning away some good guys and she deserves everything she gets. Hopefully she will end up with Bentley. They were made for each other.


I watched the show last night and could not believe that Ashley choose such a task for the men to be involved with while all along sitting back pretending to be shocked. I hope you end up with a wife beater for life because that is exactly what you deserve. From last nights episode you clearly are into this sort of thing.


I agree with everyone...this is the worst season ever. If Ashley really was serious about falling in love..she has a lot to learn. I think she is childish and dodged a bullet with Brad. She didnt learn from that though did she's goofy about Bently.Wonder how she will feel when she see's his comments. It is getting more rediculous every week. This may be the last time I watch. I wish they would bring on new people..its getting old..the same people all the time. The story line, even tho we know it is fake is so rediculous as well. I think CBS insults all of our intelligence. There are some great guys on this season and she is blowing it. She doesnt deserve any of them!!!! Honestly, I Hope she ends up with Bently..maybe it will teach her a lesson!


This ia the worst season ever!! No so much the men, but she's not all that either. Maybe that's why she wasn't picked last year. But I guess that's entertainment. But then not even that.


This is one of the worst Bacheloretts I have seen. To me it has gone past entertaining. Some of those guys there are really serious and she said that she was going to be honest with them but she isn't because she is not telling them of her feelings for Bentley. She is getting all that she deserves.




Ok,first off I dont think she should be mad at William because they went to a ROAST!!! You are supposed to bash and get to the peoples insecurities and if you cannot handle it then why the heck did she do it. She said i'm a big girl i can handle then he says something and ROAST HER and she goes off crying mad at him!??? Sorry but if she was gonna do that then she shouldn't have done that.Then there is Bentley now he is just a jerk.


come on people!!!! don't be such puppets. you are all falling for ABC'S crap. they do this every year. clever editing is all this was right down to the fake CGI rain they threw in when Bentley was leaving...hilarious. Check out the minivan as Bentley gets in. Its "raining" all around him but somehow the minivan is bone dry...pathetic ABC should be ashamed of itsel
f for this obvious frame job.


this guy bently is gay that explain the storyline behind him at the end of the show him and the maskman in the restroom together think about okay.

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