Selena Gomez Teases New Music Video, Might Love Justin Bieber

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For health reasons, Selena Gomez may need to scale back on her work load. But the singer is showing no signs of doing so these days.

Fresh off hosting the MuchMusic Video awards, Gomez has given fans a preview of her video for "Love You Like a Love Song." Check it out here:

"This song is fun and I wanted it to be really high fashion and different and I think we have accomplished that," Selena told E! News of the track. "It's basically talking about how crazy you are about someone whenever it's the beginning. It's the honeymoon stage if you will."

Ok, but where do she and Justin Bieber stand? Still at that stage? Or have they moved on? Are they - gulp! - in love?!?

"Maybe," Gomez responded, smiling.

O...M....G, readers! Try not to threaten the star over Twitter now, okay?

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I like you selena


I don't see why people are coiplamning. It's not like they will ever get a chance to be with him anyways, and sure he is younger than Selena but does that matter? If any of you Justin Bieber fans were really his fan you would be happy he is happy. Like seriously. Threatening to kill Selena is not gonna make things better but make you seem like a retard. All of you think you should be the one with him when really you will not have a chance. He loves Selena. So get over it.


you are not so buti but i love you


i love u
you are not so beauti but your sungs are so cool


wat the hell iz going on?justien is justien and selena is selena!
just keep apart or seprate 4m each other!while selena looking gooood.....


selena gomez is so good what she do


Wow youu ppl are pathetic get a life and stop following the like idiots at first i was kinda pissed about them but i dnt caree and yall shudnt they love each other so what maybe jst maybe if yall were a lil nicer he or she wud notice and wana be widd yu but dnt be obsessive oh deaar lord !! Let it go youll find someone else get over it and move on who says justin or selena wudnt wanaa date yu obviously no onee jt wait youll havee ur chancee trust me :)


Well if there happy then that's all that really matters my dather is a big fan of justin and selena and she doesn't really care


i dont care about those shit i wish that justin biebier wasitn born and justin biebier if you read this you sucke and a loser slot selena you are big fat ass


i luvd it..luv u selena.!

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