Samuel L. Jackson Reads "Go The F--k to Sleep"

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Author Adam Mansbach recently penned a children's book that poignantly captures the magic of putting your little ones down after a long day.

Of course, Go The F--k to Sleep comes with this tiny disclaimer: "Due to its explicit language, you probably should not read it to your children."

Even if you haven't read this instant classic, you probably get the gist. But when actor Samuel L. Jackson reads it, the words really hit home.

Listen to Jackson's (NSFW) spoken word version below. It's quite eye-opening (pun intended) ... now for the love of G-d, go the f--k to sleep!!


@Free Britney,
You are just so badd!!
Thanks for sharing this x-rated bedtime story with us. Leave it to Samuel L. Jackson in his best (Jackie Brown)voice to add a traumatizing version of this beautiful story just for us grown ups to be able to relate to. This is a so true scenario of the bedtime blues of your child outlasting your patience when you are ready to go into a coma, and they are just collecting their energy at bedtime.
THG does Not disappoint, I don't think that I would have easily found this (little soothing) nighttime pill any place else!!


This is the funniest $%7t I've eva heard! entirely 2 cute.

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