Anthony Weiner Encourages Ginger Lee to be Healthy, Sane, Zen

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Anthony Weiner is not exactly known for his calm demeanor. Have you seen THIS CLIP of the Congressman going off on the GOP for blocking a bill that would give 9/11 respondents medical coverage?

But a newly-leaked exchange between the politician and Ginger Lee paints the former in a relaxed, shady state.

A Total Weiner

A day after Lee told the press she never initiated any sexy talk with Weiner, a Tweet from Ginger to the moronic Congressman has hit the Internet. In it, she asks for help with her stripping career, in light of the scandal:

"Just tell me what to do or say, this stuff is so far out of my league I can't even pretend to know what to do."

What does Weiner advise?

"I want you to make decisions that help you be healthy and sane. We need to be zen about this."

Lee went on to refer to herself as "the most famous stripper in America," a label she took full advantage of last night, taking her clothes off at the Pink Pony in Atlanta - and earning three times her normal rate for the show.



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