Phillip Garrido, Jaycee Dugard Kidnapper, Sentenced to 431 Years in Prison

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Jaycee Lee Dugard's kidnapper Phillip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison today. If only he could serve all of that and then some.

His wife Nancy also earned 36 years Thursday in a Placerville, Calif., courtroom. If nothing else, neither should enjoy another second of freedom.

The husband and wife both pleaded guilty to kidnapping Jaycee Dugard from a Lake Tahoe, Calif., bus stop when the poor girl was just 11.


Jaycee was held as a prisoner in their backyard for 18 years and was raped repeatedly, giving birth to two daughters over that time.

He impregnated Jaycee for the first time when she was just 13, and again at age 16 and she gave birth both times to daughters.

Since her miraculous discovery and escape, she lives with her mom and the two girls. You have to see this 2009 Jaycee Dugard photo.

Jaycee was not in the court for the sentencing, but her mother Terry Probyn read a statement from her before the sentencing: 

“To Phillip Garrido, I hated every second of every day of 18 years because of you. To you Nancy, I have nothing to say.”

Probyn also addressed the court, tearfully asking:

“How could someone take away the one person in the world I loved so deeply? Where is she? Is she hungry? Is she cold? Is she hurt? My baby was gone and all my dreams turned to nightmares."

"She was a vulnerable child and I was unable to help her."

“During 18 years away, I could hear her crying, not with my ears, but with my heart. I could feel her pain, not with my body, but with my heart. I lived in hell on earth. It was you Nancy Garrido and Phillip Garrido that broke my heart.”

Those 431 years seem almost lenient.


why do we have the deathpenalty if we are not going to use it?


What kind of sick piece of crap does this? To an eleven year old girl who has so much life to live! They need to be beaten. They need 18 years of pain and horror, to feel what Jaycee felt, and after eighteen years, to have a bullet in between the eyes. Jaycee, if you are reading this, I'm so sorry your life had to be this way. I'm sorry those parol officers did't find you. I know that you will never get those 18 years back but I hope you can live the rest of your life to the fullest with your lovely daughters. I am watching your interview right now, and I'm glad you have lots of hope. Have a great life Jaycee. :)


Oh god...they need the death penalty. In fact, that's too good for them, they should be shot in their chests, and have it shown on TV so that the whole world knows that sick monsters should be apprehended, and this is what happens to them.
Phillip and Nancy didn't only take a child. They took a child's innocence, and twisted her mind around beyond repair. It's a wonder she's not mad by now. They made Jaycee's mother worry for years and years and years still. They deserve death, not years in prison.
Oh, and Nancy is just as guilty as Phillip for putting up with him. Report him, idiot!


I swear i would purposely get arrested in the region he is at and be sentenced to a significantly small amount of time in the jail he is in just for one purpose: TO BEAT THE F***** SHIT OUT OF THIS CRAZY ASS DUDE! besides why the hell didn't the cops investigate the dude after all the opportunities they got. mhenn them police be acting all stupid. Just glad they compensated her if not then this whole thing would really be messed up.Really sorry it happened to you Jaycee Lee Dugard, hope you recovery from this and have a blessed future. mheenn this is allot to take in.


Why ISN'T THERE MORE PUBLIC RAGE AT THE incompetence of the so-called system that was supposed to monitor Garrido? it has long been understood that CHILD MOLESTERS AND OTHER SEXUAL DEVIANTS NEVER DO GET OVER THEIR COMPULSIONS. How could the justice system, knowing the psychology of these monsters, allow him to go free? How could these protected and overpaid government'experts' just walk around a yard that had so many sheds and tents in it without searching? How could they just ignore the little children in his yard? Why didn't they even once ask the little girl in his house about who she was? in my opinion some of these parole officials and other agencies should be forced to face stiff penalties for their failures. It is criminal that those who have such important roles to play did not use their brains and protect society as they were supposedly hired and trained to do.?


We live in a screwed up society for him not to get
Death. They should have took him behind courthouse & beat him for hours, then shoot him between the eyes & showed it on live tv. Then maybe his type would think twice.
I hope the prisoners beat the living crap out of him everyday & then kill him slowly.
Stand up u chicken judges, & kill these sick individuals before it happens to your wives & daughters.


There is an old saying "Let the punishment fit the crime." For this crime there is no punishment that truly fits. The 18 years that the Garridos stole from Ms Dugard can never be returned. Worse, thet stole her innonence. That too can never be returned. Why didn't they get the death penalty? They plea bargined their way out of it.


I am in agreement with the rest of the commenters .. Why did these two not receive the death penalty? Why are they both allowed to have three meals a day, among the other privileges associated with the general populance? Yes I am happy they are behind bars for the rest of their lives however, both of their sentences should have been a lot stricter .. A lot!! I just hope and pray that justice will fall into the hands of the other prisoners and that they too, will have the fear put into their hearts/souls as they did to Ms. Dugard
May Jaycee finally have the peace that she so rightfully deserves.


I don't even know how to address this. Death is too good for them...but being locked up in a jail where he has shelter and three square meals a day is also just too good for them. If other prisoners attack them, they can be either placed in solitary or another part of the jail, meaning they get some type of peace and quiet. They need to bring back labor camps. I'm never in support of human suffering, but a little back-breaking work 12-15 hours a day would do them WELL.


Just think somewhere, another one of these monsters is getting ready to strike with another absurd, vile deed. Many of them are out there - could be your neighbour, a grocer, anybody... Just don't forget to report, or better yet make a citizens arrest if you ever need to step up and save someone. Don't turn a blind eye.