MTV to Re-Cast Jersey Shore After Season 5?

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Should we be getting ready to goodbye to Jersey Shore as we know it?

While MTV just re-signed Situation, Pauly, Ron-Ron, Sammi, Vinny, JWoww, Deena and effing Snooki to new contracts for Season 5, which begins filming Monday in Seaside Heights, this will be their last hurrah, a source says.

The network apparently wants a fresh crew after season five wraps.

Jersey Shore Season Four Cast

Fortunately, this is still a ways out. Season 4, which was just filmed in Italy, hasn't even aired yet (it premieres August 4), and Season 5 will follow.

The decision is simple for MTV, which can potentially keep the Jersey Shore machine rolling on into the future with a cheaper, unestablished cast.

Regardless, Pauly D, JWoww and effing Snooki have already been signed to spinoffs on the network, so they'll be getting the best of both worlds.

As are viewers. The third season was the show's highest-rated yet, indicating that for many fans, there's no such thing as enough Jersey Shore.

UPDATE: An MTV spokesperson tells Celebuzz the rumor is false.

“We love the present cast, and their summer adventures have just begun. We currently have no plans to recast the show,” said the spokesperson.




Jersey Shore is an awesome show! If it's being replaced with a new cast then there is alot of people who wont watch because it wont be the same! Production's is gonna lose alot if they do get rid of the original cast! Seriously, how u think u can find a new Snook's or Pauly D, Really!


I think Mike is a jerk,leave snookie alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It will never happen... GET THAT $$$$$ YALL


well i mean they all needed to get checked for hiv and stuff but still its sad to see all them go #TEAMJERSEYSHOREBITCH


it cant be over . i mean i wouldnt have my nickname as snoopy without jersey shore . i mean im only thirteen but that show gave me alot of advice on girls and everything why would u change them if theres anything u need to change it is the situation mike he makes bad situations so if u need a replace ment make it mike okay not the whole crew but when theyre thirty i dont blame u but not now.
snoopy aka little pualy d


No!! I'm heart broken. I literally grew up with this show! No no no no no no! Who cares if they are not talented!Their being themselves. I might as well go suicide. I'll miss you so much Jersey Shore! :{


What took them so long. They should have dumped Snooki in Season 1.


Honestly, if they're going to replace the cast, they should stop the show altogether. No other group will last. If you were to watch the first season and then a current season, you would see how much these people have grown. I am sad that were going to have to say goodbye to this amazing cast but they will never be forgotten. So I beg you MTV, if your going to get rid of this cast, stop the show altogether.


NO!!!! Keep the Original Cast it will never be the same Ialso dint want mike to leave hes the best. i love the hole cast. and i will psot bad crap if this cast leave no one will watch it peace


And as for "KRISTEN" dont be jealous cus snooki has the funniest personality and makes more money then youll ever see in ur life

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