Jersey Shore Season 5 Filming to Begin ASAP; Cast on Lockdown to Preserve Chemistry

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The filming for Season Five of Jersey Shore commences Monday morning, and the cast is being quarantined until then to keep the "chemistry" intact.

No phones, no Internet, no friends, no family, no nada. They just got another raise from the network, so they can't complain too much.

With the gang coming back from Italy, producers want them to remain "in the zone," believing that if they started circulating again in N.J. with friends, family, and media, they'd lose the chemistry that makes the show work.

Jersey Shore Cast in Italy

Given that Jersey Shore Season 5 starts shooting on Monday, producers felt it would be better to keep them away from everyone and focused on each other.

Sammi, Deena, and Pauly D had prior engagements that could not be canceled, so they were given a pass, but must return to Jersey by Sunday night.

Speaking of quarantines, eligible, disease-free men and women in Seaside Heights may want to consider placing themselves under one indefinitely.



hi i think it would be a good exceprance to be on jersey i would love to be their living life like that.but im a single mum a sing song writter and a dancer i think jersey needs a girl like me.


They will not recast the show I follow it every week and no one I no is going to let that happen. The cast is fun and has plenty of chemistry if they recast the show NO ONE will watch it.


I watch jersey all the time never miss a show, however I will be glad to see a new cast new adventures, new problems, hopefully they are just as great!


I think it will be dumb when they re cast the reason people watch it is because of them. This is the only show I watch every week and I would truely be heartbroken if they got a new cast this show is funny and unique. U can't have new people act like them it wouldn't be the same


To be honest, iThink the cast is starting to grow older in age and should start finding their lives as adults. And the producers should hire 8 young new members.


If they ever were to re-cast the show would be shit but i dont think they can ever do any shows in Jersey again because iv watched how many videos on youtube and the ones in jersey are hectic hundreds of people swarming them so how are they supposed to work and go clubbin gtl and more if they cant even walk down the board walk plus Dj Pauly D is sighned to 50 cents label he will be doin shows at clubs and big time gigs through out the year so he will be leaving the house at sum point and the same for "SITUATION" Vinny has been doin acting on Rj berger SNookis a revelation and im sure jwows got a modeling gig going on so how are they going to do the show at same time by far the best show ever joint with Only fools and horses England big upp ahhah


shut up girl this cast is the best and if you do re cast it will dumb ..; this is why people watch jersehy shore becuase the same cast is the best all they have to do is send this cast around the globe more and keep paying them to work for there show


this a load of shit the people from the Jersey Shore will not be re-cast. so BTW they will not be???????????????????????????????????????????????????????