Mariah Carey Tweets First Baby Pic

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Okay, so you can't see her adorable little face. But Mariah Carey teased fans on Twitter Sunday with a fabulous snapshot of her baby daughter Monroe.

"This is baby Monroe saying 'no pictures dahhhhling' at 7+1/2 weeks," Carey wrote beneath a photo of her little girl's hand, raised as if she were trying to shield her glamorous self from a pack of would-be paparazzi. "Oh dear."

Pretty funny:

Monroe Cannon Pic

Perhaps Monroe's dad, Nick Cannon, wasn't kidding when he described Monroe and her twin brother Moroccan, born on their anniversary in April.

"My son is laid back like me," he said. "My daughter's a diva like her mom! When my daughter wants something, she'll let you know immediately."

Hey, it's hard to blame the little gal. Sometimes when the celebrity gossip media gets too close, you gotta set up boundaries early.


I still cant believe that MARIAH CAREY is married to NICK CANNON I always pictured her being married or dating someone looking like 50 cent or tim mcgraw or something but NICK CANNON seruisly? And I dont believe (considering what he said in a interview) that mariah wanted kids he put all that ur getting older and we are married and we need to take the next step thing...I believe that she wants to be a mom now but what choice does she have?




omg true she is gna be a diva like her mama!!!
cnt waite 2 c their faces lol!!
nick i stil hate u!!(tawk 2 da hand)


That is just too cute. It looks like she is waving hello to everyone. Can't wait to see photo's of both the children, that's if they decide to show them. I'm just really surprised they have not released any photo's as of yet. Hum?


OMG this is hillarious! I literally ROFL when I saw this. She is totally like her mom. Unbelievable! I sooooo cannot wait to see the first proper pics. MIMI knows the art of suspense. She is killing me, lol.


I have no doubt that Nick will inadvertantly release photos of his a veiled attempt to boost his public (celebrity) exposure. How paternal. How protective.


this is just a teaser they'll release the first real pics soon enough

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