Maci Bookout: Engaged to Kyle King?

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According to OK! Magazine, Maci Bookout will finally get to have a “happily ever after” moment when she weds beau Kyle King on Teen Mom this season.

Which is interesting, since we hadn't even heard she was engaged to King, who she began dating after her split with Ryan Edwards, her son's father.

Knowing OK!, it's probably a highly misleading cover story. There is no mention of a specific wedding or even of an engagement, just quotes like this:

Maci Bookout Getting Married?

“Maci says that although she’s young and doesn’t know what she wants to do with the rest of her life, she knows for sure that she loves Kyle,” a friend says.

“She loves being around him and he makes her very happy.”

A source says Maci Bookout’s wedding dreams are "down-to-earth and achievable," whatever that means, and will be a simple, fun and family-oriented.

Again, light on the details. But here are two things we do know:

  1. Engaged or not, she and Kyle King are definitely still together.
  2. Things are going much better for Maci than Amber Portwood.

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So cute! I hope it's true!


i just think that these teen moms are seriously overwhelmed with the fam and all the junk thats comes with it but seriuously why do they all have money troubles does mtv not pay good or what do they just have to act broke so other teen moms can relate, but as far as maci goes i know she cares for kyle but she loves ryan and a part of him still loves her and if her and kyle dont jump into having more kids her and ryan will get back together but ryan couldnt handle being with her if she had someone eles child.....


Knocked my socks off with knwolgede!

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