Amber Portwood Suicide Attempt: Overdose, Gary Shirley Cheating to Blame?

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was hospitalized Tuesday morning in her hometown of Anderson, Ind., after apparently threatening to take her own life.

The severity of her meltdown, as well as what directly caused it, remains unclear at this time, though several unconfirmed reports have surfaced.

Star reports that Portwood admitted taking pills yesterday, and that paramedics arrived to find her near-unconscious with a rope around her neck.

Poor Amber

However, according to the police report in the case, Portwood did not appear to be injured. She was in fact hospitalized for evaluation, however.

Amber's on again/off again boyfriend, Gary Shirley, raised speculation about the MTV star's motive in the apparent suicide attempt by Tweeting:

"Never cheated on Amber. She may have thought that I did, but I haven't. I will always love and respect her, even if we aren't together."

Whatever happened, it's almost par for the course for Amber.

The reality star, who can be seen on Teen Mom Season 3 starting next month, has been through hell and back in the past couple of years.

Just a week ago, Portwood pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges and lost custody of Leah, her 2-year-old daughter with Shirley.

Police investigated the 20-year-old after her attacks on Gary were chronicled on MTV. Domestic violence in front of a child is a felony in Indiana.

MTV released a statement saying: "Our understanding is that Amber has been admitted to a local hospital but we have not been able to confirm the accuracy of any reports being circulated and are waiting for further details."

According to reports, Portwood is still being held in the hospital.

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This is obviously someone who has some severe mental problems as well all saw from the earlier episodes when she was taking the prescription medication Klonopin, which is used for anti-anxiety. Not only is she a young mother with limited income, and educational background but isn't he father also dyig from liver cancer (I thought I heard her mention it on an ep) Unforutnately I saw this coming for this poor girl and what's sad is her downward spiral was so obvious on tv and someone within her family shouldve stepped in. I'm in my late 20's with a college degree and my own apt and just had my 1st child and find myself at times over burdened so imagine what teen mothers go through. This is not to say that they shouldnt be held accountable for their actions but its just obvious their risks for stress and mental illness probably is higher than others. Instead of ridiculing her and bashing her lets just pray for her and her family esp her daughter during this time.


u guys don't know her. she is going through some stuff obviously so don't kick her when shes down cuz ppl like u might make ppl commit suicide.


stop saying their fat u a holes! i bet ur ugly and fat.


teen mom does nohing but encourage teen pregnancy. people trying to get pregnant just to be on this show i'm sure.


wow for one thing teen mom is a stupid show because it doesnt show everything about being teenage pregnancy..... i got pregnant at 17 and my life has been whirlwhind struggling with bills and trying to raise kids... What makes the teen mom crew so special when there are tons of teenage parents that do their best to raise kids and they are not recognized.... It doesnt matter whether u are on t.v or not .. If u cant handle the pressure dont have kids.....


As a person which has attempted suicide I can't believe what people are posting! This is a cry for help! Instead of judging her which no one has the right to do because you are not God someone should be guiding her! She needs help don't even say shit about her hitting Gary when all the world has been doing is kicking her while she's down!


Gary 5 chins tweeting that he never cheated on trash dump #1? Who else BUT trash dump #1 would sleep with him anyways? Hey Trash dump #1, I don't think you need to worry your drug hazed mind with whether or not Fatty 5 chins is searching for his little pee pee (he has probably never seen it) to stick into trash dump #2. I am pretty sure you have that market cornered. Now get back to practicing suicide so next time you don't screw it up!


It's hard to believe but I guess not surprising the comments on here. I guess given the show's demographic most of the posters are like twelve years old. How can someone say they hate her and how can someone who's ever seen the show say that Gary has been nothing but good to her. She's emotionally very damaged and Gary has done nothing but push her buttons. When he told her he wants someone who's on her game yet he hasn't done anything with his life and he doesn't even have a job.


i really dont like her she was always mean to her daughter for cryin shes a baby shes going to cry


she really a drama queen. i hope she never gets the baby back. i hate her. Gary has been nothing but nice to her. so Twitt your fucken nuts poor amber my ass.

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