LeAnn Rimes to Weight Critics: I'm Fine!

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LeAnn Rimes wants critics of her lean bikini body to know one thing: she's fine.

The country star says all the "hoopla about my body" – which intensified after photos of her in a bikini emerged from her recent honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas with Eddie Cibrian – has been hurtful and unnecessary.

"People are calling me bulimic or anorexic," she tells People, "and these are real, serious issues and diseases – that I don't have."

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Picture

Eddie and LeAnn on their honeymoon in late May.

"For someone who is healthy, who works hard for my body, it's very frustrating," she adds. "I work out and take care of myself, but not in an over-obsessive way."

Adds her trainer, Michael Jackson at Equinox in Woodland Hills, Calif.: "My primary concern with her is that she's toned and healthy. And she is."

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if she wants the comments to stop she should stop posting pics. As for us comparing her to when she came out with Blue, I'm not. I am comparing her to 1 year ago where she was 20 lbs heavier & minus the implants.


She's doing this to keep Eddie, PERIOD! He likes them that way and she knows it.


She looks fine to me, not unhealthy at all.


I know she complains but I suspect she really loves the "she's too thin" comments so she keeps feeding the flames. I remember losing that much weight once and I really loved it when people commented on me being really thin. I denied being too thin of course, and I think I actually believed that I wasn't. Now when I look back I don't know how I could eat so little. Of course she could be just naturally thin. I don't remember having seen a fat picture of her.




I'll admit she's thinner than she's ever been but she's not anorexic looking. Plus I don't know why people are even so concerned as to talk about it. As for Rimes, she must love the attention because anyone else, especially a celebrity, would just ignore it.


She eats plenty. (She also throws it all up immediately after!)


People keep saying that she's suffering from an eating disorder by gauging what she used to look like when she first came out with "Blue". When I was her age, I weighed about twenty lbs heavier than I do at twenty-eight. I just stopped eating garbage and started working out more regularly.
I have the same body type as Rimes and just work out at least five times a week and happen to be vegan. As a recovered anoretic, I DO believe that it is very hurtful and rude to accuse someone of having such a horrific disease that is actually classified as a psychological illness when she's just taking care of herself.
As a side note, it's amazing to me that our country has gotten so out of control with its eating and slovenly lifestyles that we think a person that looks like this is suffering from anorexia. We need to focus on unhealthfully thin models and everyone else with their misguided "fat pride" and leave healthy people alone.

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