Casey Anthony Internet Searches: "Chloroform," "Neck Breaking"

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A search of Casey Anthony's computer turned up some online searches that will make your stomach turn. Not good for the accused child murderer.

Months before her daughter, Caylee Anthony, disappeared in 2008, someone logged into the family computer and searched for "chloroform."

According to detective Sandra Osborne, searches for chloroform appeared in deleted space on the hard drive of the Anthony family's laptop.

Casey Anthony Mug Shot

"I was able to look at it, and recognized immediately that it was an Internet search," Osborne testified for the prosecution in the Casey Anthony trial.

Prosecutors allege that chloroform, a potentially lethal chemical, was found in the trunk of Anthony's car after Caylee's death at the age of two.

As jurors scribbled notes, Osborne explained that the Anthony family computer contained about four and a half years of Internet history in all.

Documents released by the court last year also showed searches on the same machine for "neck breaking" and "how to make chloroform."

Pretty startling news, and not good for Anthony, whose agitated, erratic behavior was apparent in the jail video played for the jury this week.

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