Dr. Conrad Murray: No Plea Deal in Michael Jackson Case

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Dr. Conrad Murray is reportedly adamant that he will not accept a plea bargain of any sort in the Michael Jackson involuntary manslaughter case.

Sources say Dr. Murray feels so strongly about his innocence that even a plea offering zero jail time would be out of the question on principle.

Not that the L.A. County District Attorney is bending over backwards to offer such a thing. Prosecutors believe they can and will win the case.

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Dr. Murray's defense revolves around the fact that only two people were in the room around the time Michael died, those being Murray and Jackson.

The doctor insists he did not administer the fatal dose of Propofol.

His lawyers' theory: Murray left to go to the bathroom, a frustrated MJ woke up, administered Propofol on his own, overdosed and killed himself.

As for why he was providing Propofol to start with, Murray hopes MJ's last rehearsal footage will show "warning signs" that he was a lost cause.

Michael Jackson passed away two years ago today.

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Can we just send him to jail already. You will forever be known as the man who took Michael Jackson away from the world. & KRISTEN you can KILL YOURSELF SLOWLY. Talking about he's a bad person. Do you even know him personally? OF COURSE YOU DONT! So who are you to say if he's a bad person or not? WHAT IS EVIDENT..Is that he had a great relationship with his kids, his family loved him emensely, and he was adored by the WORLD. YOUR OPINION is a non factor.


Im so over Michal Jackson storys! what a a hole this guy is! Im guessing Michael Jacksons` death is an accident!


Michal Jackson might of be protrayed as good - bad person but he is a bad person ! I dont care who is! I like Janet Jackson but her Brother is not a good person maybe with family he has some what of a heart and feelings but he is digustgly a bad person who gives a 15teen yr . old Araon Carter drugs and Achol who was only 15teen at the time and now he passed rehab he is out now! but seriosuly Michal Jackson should be in prison not Dr. conrad maybe he killed or maybe not but all I know is What Michal the hero Jackson did! not a hero in my book a destroyer! LOL rant! Anyways I agree with all do respect Michal Jackson does not deserve to be murderd he deserves some revenge for his death so if it was murder Dr. conrad Murray should go to prison but personally who know what Michal jackson took before the doctor got there!


@mel: Exactly!
The coroner ruled this a homicide by "acute propofol intoxication." Manslaughter boils down to "accidentally killing another human being." For Murray to plead 'Not Guilty,' is like saying either (1) Mike isn't dead or (2) It wasn't an accident...The drug shouldn't have been in the house in the first place. Murray "claims" he was weaning Mike off this drug. Really? Then why was so much of it ordered (& some of it shipped to his girlfriend's place)? Hmmmph, if it wasn't for Mike, then who was it for??! Sounds like Murray got the "big head," thinking "he's got this & can help someone else the same way." He claims he's done nothing wrong. How arrogant. He's actually claiming he wasn't wrong to provide MJ with this drug. Hmmmm...


Even if Jackson killed himself, that's not the argument here. If I'm up to speed on the whole thing (which is a definite possibility that I am NOT), Murray was not licensed to even administer this drug to any human being, therefore it should have never even been available for Jackson to give it to himself. He also helped him doctor shop for other medications. I think he really forgets what this case is about and is too busy trying to soil the already tarnished image of Jackson to really keep that in mind.
At that rate, it seems pretty open and shut to me.

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