Charlie Sheen to Be Killed Off Two and a Half Men?

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RIP, Charlie Harper?

Following reports that suggested Two and a Half Men would write out Charlie Sheen's character by simply keeping him in Paris, where he jetted off to the last time we saw him on screen, sources now say Chuck Lorre wants to ensure Sheen can never return to the CBS sitcom...

... by killing Sheen's Harper off.

Playing Charlie

Will Charlie Sheen be eternally LOSING on Two and a Half Men?

CBS insiders tell TMZ Alan and Jake will learn about Charlie's fate early in the September premiere, and then Ashton Kutcher will arrive when his character buys Charlie's house.

However, no scripts have actually been turned in yet, so any development is possible. What do you think about the sitcom murdering Charlie Harper? Too harsh? Or the proper outcome for a star who burned this bridge in such a flagrant manner?

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you are making aBIG MISTAKE taking sheen off two and a half men thats the only reason i watched the show. he may have ''problems'' but everybody does in hollywood so if you kill him off you will lose so many viewers the only thing you did right was to have him ''marry' rose. so before you kill off harper think about the ratings and losing your show. hopefully you have another one with sheen in mind , think about it.


Well chuck, u f-d up, Charlie was the bread and butter of your show... So u go with Ashton, stupid move, yes on the nite of the season premiere your nelson ratings will be off the charts, but after that, you will lose all your viewers and the show will be cancelled.. Charlie Sheen, aka Charlie Harper , was, and is your show, who gives a flying f, what he does when he's not on set ?!! Your An idiot! WINNING!!!!!! Stupid hymie!!


This is a bad move. I have been watching the show since day one and have every season on DVD. Charlie Sheen was the ONLY reason why I ever watched the show. Without Sheen I will no longer watch the show. I don't care what Charlie does in his personal life. He's a great actor, and I will always support him. I don't even think I want to watch the season premier. The show ended for me back in season 8 with Charlie marrying Rose. The End.


I cant wait for Ashton to take Charlies place. I dont think they need to kill Charlie off
Looking forward to the new season, I think the change is coming just in time, I love the show but was getting a little board with it!
I think if I was the producer and could put my pride to the side,I would leave it open for Charlie to come back. But understand if hes mad enough to killhim off


Big mistake to kill off Charlie!! He is the show! Regardless of his behavior, they should have worked out their differences. He is not replaceable on the show. They should have just ended the show. There is no show without Charlie Harper!Period! Sure there are other excellent actors on the show, but they had good chemistry with Sheen and their relationship to him in the show was perfect - brother, nephew, mother, maid etc. I say it won't go, bring back Sheen!!


I think it is a big mistake to write Charlie off. The producers and such should just leave him alone. I could see it if he were totally spaced or unable to do his job, but he still leads a productive life. His personal life, like everyone elses, is just that , personal, and what he does on his own time is his own business. Without him I don't think the show will complete the season.


BIG Mistake to kill of charlie harper..(sheen) although with his problems was a great actor on the show he made 2 and half men to where it is..and he will be collecting money from reruns anyhow..i thought they would of let him move away with rose since they was seeing each other before all the hell broke loose it would of been a better way to thats cruel..i hope this guy is funny enough to make the show work..i will tune in and see what happens but since sheen left not much fans matter what he did..he made the show i wish them the best..killin hm off is bad move


this is my third comment in a role but i just want to say charlie is the best actor and should not be replaced be kutcher is just a dumb idea the worst.


if u see my other comment i just want to add one more thing if ashton's charter buys charlie's house why would he keep up alan harper. it doesnt make sences. charlie should have aston look after charlie's house while his in paris and come back later in the sitcom. thats what should happen and if lorre was a good producer he would do this unless he want to lose his rating and then his show he would do so.

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